Brothers & Sisters Season Five Spoilers: Time Jump Events Revealed!

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Season Five of Brothers & Sisters picks up a year after Robert was killed (presumably), Holly was injured and Saul was revealed to be HIV positive. That we know.

What happened to the characters between then and when the show resumes September 26? That's been a mystery until now, but is starting to become clearer.

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"I can tell you that the year brought a lot of changes," Brothers & Sisters executive producer David Marshall Grant says. "Obviously a year is going to do that."

"I think that we're taking things based on that accident. That's where it all started in terms of where we have to go back to and I think the premiere does that."

What happens to each character specifically? Let's break it down:

Nora: She tries to get out of the house and create a life that doesn't revolve around the kids. She gets a job as a florist. Of course, she's always going to be a mom first, and tries out for a radio show called "Ask Mom," where she runs into rival Debra Monk.

Kitty: She has been going through an identity crisis and is looking to reinvent herself. She's been hiding out at Ojai trying to figure out who she is beyond a politician. There, she meets her first romantic interest post-Robert - Jack, played by Jeremy Davidson.

Sarah: She is still happy with Luc, but dealing with Paige. She's also trying to figure out what to do about the new water geyser they discovered at Ojai, and deciding whether to sell the land instead of using it for the family business is bound to cause conflict.

Luc: Luc is still working on his art, until, wait for it ... he becomes an underwear model! When you cast Gilles Marini in a role, sometimes art has to imitate life.

Saul: As was disclosed in the season finale, Saul is HIV positive. He's totally healthy, but dealing with what it means for him. He's also dating Stephen Collins.

Kevin and Scotty: Bobby Soto has been cast ... as their possible foster son. They put a lot into the surrogate, which apparently doesn't work out. Now what?

Mateo, a troubled teenager who Kevin meets at his law practice (he's back to work), may be the son they never had. This could go in a number of directions.

Justin and Rebecca: Their relationship is in a rocky place, since he went to Haiti. When he comes back, their marriage is clearly in a very problematic place."

"I think we're going to watch Rebecca and Justin come to terms with how to move on from each other," says Grant, hinting at Emily VanCamp's exit from B&S.

Tommy: He will not appear in the premiere, but his story will be wrapped up in dialogue. He's headed back to Seattle, although he may return to L.A. ... again.

What do you think of these Brothers & Sisters spoilers? Which story line are you most excited for? Can the show make the time jump work? Comment below!

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Here in the UK we are into Season 7 and what a let down it is. What have they done with the characters. Nora has turned into a complete stereo-type of herself and as for Kitty she has changed from a strong political woman into a silly "girl" jumping into bed with a guy who looks about 17. As for the farce of the hotel rooms it beggars belief. What has happened about Ojai? It is no longer even mentioned. This could be the last series as far as we are concerned unless it improves dramatically.


Its so wrong that you killed Robert, i get that you could not kill any of the brothers and sisters or the mom , but you could have killed the Blondy mom or Saul . Robert was the best part of the show humph i'm going to go sulk .


I really love this show, but i am soo upset with the death of Robert he was one of my favorites. I am howeever excited to see how things may turn out. I liked Rebecca and Justin to and wish there was someway for them to work things out. I guess i am up for a new challenge too though.


How could you kill Robert! He was my favourite! Hard, yet sensitive, powerful and hot! An energy is now missing. A real focus is Nora as the rock - dont let her stray too far from the family.


Pls wake robert up. He and kitty've com a long way. And tommy shd decide weda to be on d show or not.


I LOVE this show. It is my favorite. The Justin/Rebecca story is too stupid though. A newly married couple would not separate for a year. Just not realisitc. We need to see more of Holly and what happened to David? Kevin and Scottie should get a baby already - not some juvenile delinquent. Don't bring Nora too far into the business world and away from her family or you will loose all her character. Maybe Kevin should try a one nighter with a girl. The show needs something really juicy. I hope this show continues.


I'm really sad that Rebecca is leaving. I love her and Justin together. I also wanted to see Kittys' reaction to Roberts death. She seems to be moving on quite easily. One episode she is sad then an episode later she is house hunting wtf. Also whatever happeend to Ryan? And kick Sarah off she is annoying


I have really enjoyed watching B&S and I'm sooo upset that you killed off Robert. Please bring him back!!!! Its not too late!!! One thing I do want to mention is Justin. I find there is too much of him in most episodes and you tend to make him into a whinny character. Its is annoying when he's whining about silly things...its just goes on and on and gets boring.


Really excited about the new season, i think its brilliant that people are leaving and new people are coming in, just like real life, nothing stays the same, starting a year on is a great idea and i cant wait to see how everyone has learnt to cope with the tragic ending of series 4 along with the new challenges that will no doubt rock and join together the extremely entertaining Walker family, cant wait!!


People can be just so overdramatic. Robert wasn't even in the beginning of the show and yet we all learnt to love and admire him along with Kitty. Now he is gone and so is Rebecca and Tommy. But so what? That's a good thing. They are recycling and adding new characters that we can learn to love and admire as well. If they don't mix things up, you say the show it's boring and when they finally have the balls to change, your reaction is to complain?

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