Burn Notice Review: "Hard Time"

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Michael broke into jail to help one of Sam’s longtime friends keep stay alive on "Hard Time."

So we all know that Sam would do just about anything for Michael. Tonight it was nice to see Michael was willing to use his one big favor from his FBI contacts to break into prison and return the favor. I don’t know about Michael, but I don’t know that I could volunteer myself to be put into jail if I am a wanted spy.

I think TVFanatic readers Coleen and Jeff may have hit the nail on the head last week with their comments that Michael is getting a little soft on his spy skills. What hardened spy would want to risk being checked into prison? What guarantee is there he will come out?

Garrett Dillahunt Returns

On the flip side, Fiona’s skills seem to only be getting sharper. Her quick assessment of the booby trap Simon had on his crate and her quick thinking of how to defuse it was brilliantly done. Moreover, her performance in the prison with the southern accent and smacking gum just made her shine all the more.

I do have to say we are about due for a really touching Michael and Fiona episode. Their rollercoaster romance is ready for another dose of them letting their walls down and really being together.

That leads us to my favorite character: Simon. No matter if you love him or hate him (or think he is totally f-cking crazy), you have to admit that he's very smart. First, the fake attack so he could share info with Michael away from microphones. Second, he found a way to turn Michael against Vaugh. And then, of course, that he didn’t tell Michael everything he knew about what the bible was for.

There was also the creative booby trap that he left on his stuff. If Michael is not careful, he could end up in the same situation.

I had said before I didn’t trust Vaughn and now that we know he was not only aware of Michael (when he said he just learned about him), but was most likely involved with Michael being burned, I really want him to go down. I really hope that Michael shared the information that Simon gave him with Vaughn to get the latter off his guard. Judging by the look he gave him at the end, I don’t think I am too far off the mark.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Would you have gone into the prison for Sam? Do you think Michael should give the bible over to Drake like Simon said to stop Vaughn? Browse through a few Burn Notice quotes from "Hard Time" now!


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I don't think Michael is telling Vaughn everything. Plain and simple he does not trust him and now he knows his instincts are right. He is going to risk everything by playing both ends against the middle here and hoping he can get himself out of the way when the 2 ends meet in a fiery finale! (You know, like the pile of money in "Unpaid Debts"?) In spite of the fact that Michael risked a lot by putting himself in prison (I don't think his being a former spy was a big threat since international spy stuff means nothing at that level of incarceration but physical danger IS physical danger..) I too was glad to see him voluntarily do something for Sam. For once it wasn't someone coming to him with a job and him trying to get out of it and finally, reluctantly, giving in, etc. This willingness to put himself in harm's way for Sam was most refreshing. And Fiona was nothing short of amazing! I just love her more every week! I know she gives MIchael a hard time - I would too. You try to protect the ones you love - but she is always right there when he needs her, especially lately. I like seeing that. And Maddie - well, having her right in the middle of everything is fabulous! It is about time!!
My favorite lines in the whole show: "Are you gonna fight them with a HAND TOWEL?" "Why, you got a gun?" I laughed out loud and had to rewind it to watch it again. Priceless!! Jeff Donovan really is a good actor.
Now - what about those scenes from next week? What is going on between Fi and Jesse, if anything? PLEASE don't tell me something is sparking between them besides friendship - i won't believe it. I can't believe it. I stand by what I said last week. This will be a very long week....

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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Michael: I found your bible.
Simon: I hope you found comfort in the Lord.

I don't care of if you cut out his kidney with a pocket knife or give him a gallon of orange sherbet. One way or the other, we want answers.