Catching Up With Bones: New Promo Recaps Season 5

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Fox is still holding out when it comes to footage from the upcoming season of Bones, which premieres September 23. But this is better than nothing ... we guess.

The network has released a video recapping events last season, particularly those pertaining to Booth and Brennan, Angela and Hodgins and Daisy and Sweets.

While we'd rather see some teasers for the new season, now just five weeks away, some of these Bones quotes are just as good the second time around, at least.

This ought to really rile up fans already livid with the concept of a new girlfriend for Booth. There's likely never been a more overt tribute to himself and Brennan ...

[video url="" title="Bones Rewind"] [/video]

NOTE: We have no idea why the video is titled "Rewind: Season 1."

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Allison that is a cute idea but Booth is coming back with a girlfriend and I don't think they are going to meet at the coffee place because the only reason they are all coming back early is to help save Cam's job.


I just got this really cute idea:
I heard rumors that they might start the season only 6 months after the last finale .. Well then after a whole lot of dreama, when the year is over, Booth and Brennan meet at the coffee place and kiss :D


Bones Quotes

Worthy of a manger.


Save the girls.


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