Glee Taps Comedic Legend as Sue's Mother

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Glee has landed yet another big name for another guest-starring turn.

With John Stamos coming on board as a love interest for Emma, and Ryan Murphy recently teasing a Susan Boyle appearance in December, the FOX hit has announced that comedic legend Carol Burnett will show up on season two as Sue's mother!


The six-time Emmy winner is best known for starring on her self-titled sitcom from 1967 through 1978. Despite Sue previously referencing both her parents in the past (as Nazi hunters, of course), reports that only her mom is scheduled to visit Ohio in the fall.

Look for this episode to air in October or November. Think Burnett is the right choice to play such a key role on the show?

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Even if she did say that she effectively 'put down' her mother, we all know that sue likes to talk BIG. she really sometimes is all bark and only a tiny bite, okay so maybe all bark and all bite, but still the fact remains if ryan murphy can work it in then i think that burnett is a perfect choice. who knows, she may be radically different form sue. heck, maybe even Mr. Schue will like her.


yes she did say that she euthanised her mother. i checked it


I think Carol is a great choice. this will be halarious


Didn't Sue claim that she euthanized her "wealthy, elderly mother?"

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