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With all the Gossip Girl previews and spoilers floating around this off-season, we've heard next to nothing about Rufus and Lily. What's the latest on this Upper East Side couple?

According to EW, "a rat Bass-tard is going to come between them." We're not talking about coming between them in romantic sense, nor are we talking about that sketchy Jack.


While Lily is more than willing to forgive Chuck for what happened with Jenny, Rufus finds it more difficult to move past it ... and that's before another bombshell gets dropped.

Just when he finally starts to come around, Eric lets him in on a little secret regarding Jenny and Chuck - and let's just say it pertains to an ugly incident from the pilot episode.

It's going to be bad.

As for Rufus' other offspring, the resurfacing of Dan's feelings for Serena in last season's finale threw many fans for a loop. Where does this leave his relationship with Vanessa?

Just fine, apparently. They move in together in the third episode this season!

Jessica Szohr hinted at the complicated nature of their relationship in our exclusive interview with her recently, but moving in together? That's not a wrinkle we saw coming.

Pretty crazy, right? That can't work out, can it? How do you think it pertains to Dan's baby mama drama with Georgina? Share your thoughts on these developments below.

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lily and rufus is dgood i like it and dan and vanessa i think that thei moved in just like friends becouse dan doesn't really like vanessa they tried to be in relationship but it didn't work


Chuck fighting for Blair and getting her back + Serena choosing Nate + Dan and Vanessa going away with Jenny + Rufus dieing + Lily getting a better guy = The best endind gossip girl could ever get!!!!


I love rufus and Lilly. even if they weren't togather. it be wierd if dan and serena ever got back togather. is anyone forgetting that they have a half brother, Scott. plus their relationships have failed so much before. and i kind of want to see serena single for a little bit. instead of jumping from guy to guy. and some of you call Jenny a whore. serena is the queen of them. and you know it.


CrAZychicke dont worry you are not the only one which is rufly fan. there are more rufly fans but not in this forum here..
you should write me a Private message here in forum^^ i could tell you some good adresses where you can find rufly threads=)
and i am big rufly fan too=)


RUFLY should seriously gtfo


am i the only one who likes rufly? lol love them as much as Nate/Jenny, Chuck/Blair. I would like to see more of lily's past tho.. for eg.. what happened with owen and how did she fall for will... when he was such an ass to carol and what happened to carol? ... i loved the flash back valley girl episodes... please bring more of these in for season 4!


I agree with ruflyvschair. Just skip past the scenes if it bothers you that much. Starting a petition? You do that and see how far that goes. And of course Rufus is going to be upset and care about who his only daughter lost her v-card to. Really people? Are they finally going to bring up how Chuck almost raped Jenny? Well, thank god for that. Ugh.


can people please stop with this bashing. if you dont like rufly then skip their scenes and enjoy your own couple.. and rufly are not a obstacle for dan and serena so much is sure.. and maybe rufly move away end from this season , far far away from all you haters!!! and from all this bullshit!! Haaaaaaaaaaaah. so stop with the shit here and enjoy your own couple.. people have a right to like or dislike a couple but honestly its childish to make a pedition for this.. ITS JOSH SHOW AND NOT YOURS!!!


we shoud star a petiton or a thread to end rufly,
humpreys back to brooklyn, please.
i liked lily with DR. VDW(even after the lies he's better ) cyrus is great but is with eleanor or maybe another new BETTER one.
this rufly is the biggest mistake for the story, it was nice like a platonic thing but after all, it killed a lot of the original GG and ended potentials stories.
maybe chuck could help to end it!


Vanessa and Dan, really?!?!?
Just when you were praying for a good twist with yet another Serena and Dan attempt,
Vanessa had to go and ruin it. Jessica Szor is cool, but I just never liked Vanessa, from episode 6 on.I would've rather liked to see Vanessa, leave last season versus Jenny. But can someone please reign in that girl?!? If it's not Nate, it's the eye liner..
Oh and going back to ruining the whole Serena/Dan thing,, rufus and lily gotta go. I'm sorry but it's gone on for too long and i think it's time for it to die. Right now the only thing binding me to this show is my hope for Chair, and the ultimate decision for Serena before the show ends, Nate or Dan? Personally I'm a Dan and Serena fan, but if she ends up with Nate I can live, they both make her happy.
Please Josh Schwartz, whatever you do, don't end Serena's life like Marissa in the O.C.
I think we can all agree as fans of the show, we love the series and have followed it since the pilot, and we will follow it until the end, but please do what should've been done a long time ago...

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