Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: The Evolution of Blair, Jenny's Return, Georgina's Baby, Serena-Vanessa Conflict & More!

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Season Four is just six weeks away, and Gossip Girl executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have been hitting the interview circuit hard to promote it.

Below, we've excerpted some of the more interesting parts of recent discussions they've had about the show, and were our favorite characters are headed this season.

Here's what Josh, Stephanie and (Ed Westwick) had to say about a variety of topics and characters old and new, and what fans can expect come September 13 ...

Jenny is MIA but will be back, Savage says: "We want to keep up in the air where her character will go. Obviously she left in dramatic fashion [in Season Three]."

"We're excited about being able to create tension about her character. I don't want to say exactly which episode [she returns in], but it'll be in the first half of the year."

Eric remains a key piece of the Jenny storyline. This season, fans will continue to see him be fleshed out, Stephanie promises, especially when Jenny returns.

Ed Westwick says he likes the fact that Season Four gets underway Paris - and dropped some hints about what is to come for his character, Chuck Bass.

Bluck Bickers

The future of Chair is up in the air after "Last Tango, Then Paris."

"We pick up a few months later," he said. "We're in Paris and Chuck's made his way there. Maybe a new girl, maybe some old ghosts haunting around."

"It's fun, man. It's a cool angle. We did the Hamptons thing in Season 2, as you know we're always in New York. To go to Paris, it's like a fair expression of the show."

Stephanie calls Paris "the ultimate expression of what the show is about - fashion, architecture, Blair's father, coffee, lingerie, all a part of the Gossip Girl world."

Chuck is alive but has a cane, as promotional photos show, and we will discover that he may have not gotten the best medical care possible after he was found.

Clemence Poesy will be in multiple episodes, and her character, Eva, is "extremely likable" and "very different than any of the other characters on the show."

"She comes in as a real outsider to the world," Savage says of the European beauty. "Not just like Upper East Side versus Brooklyn but to the whole culture."

"She’s a bit of an innocent who gets schooled pretty hard when she arrives."

The evolution of Blair Waldorf will reach a new level this season, Schwartz says: "You know, her being at NYU was like throwing a fish far, far out of water."

"I think [now that she's at Columbia] you’ll see Blair with her power back, with her swagger back. Back in her game, but still troubled by thoughts of Mr. Bass."

"The Chuck-Blair relationship, whether they’re together or not - which I’m not going to reveal either way - will always be a huge drive to the show emotionally."

Georgina says she's pregnant with Dan's child ... but is she really? All Savage will confirm is that the baby is real: "Georgina's baby is Georgina's baby." she said.

"You will learn all as the episodes unfold." Savage says there is no "baby fake-out" and promises we'll "be seeing more of Georgina Sparks in more ways than one."

Steph also revealed that V will be back from Haiti and involved in the plot, saying: "Vanessa is back from Haiti and she's definitely going to be in the Dan story."

"There's a lot of humor coming from young people trying to deal with this unexpected situation, but there's also a lot of underlying heart and emotion, too."

P and J and a B
Blonde Georgina Pic!

Good luck making sense of this!

Serena's conflict with Vanessa and with herself will complicate her relationships, plural. "Serena [is trying to choose] between Nate and Dan," Schwartz says.

"Serena left in a place of being a little unsure of who she really wanted to be with and that is a question that Blair asks her at the beginning of the first episode."

"[She says] you can’t go back to New York without making a choice. Who knows what guys are thinking, but what’s in your heart and who do you really want to be with?"

"That’s something that will occupy quite a bit of Serena’s time as the year goes on."

Katie Cassidy's Juliet will cause tension and go head-to-head with Serena and Blair, Steph says, noting that this role required a certain type of actress.

"We were concerned about casting because [we didn't know] who we could add to the mix that [would] feel like she’s on the same level as those actors," she said.

"Katie seemed like she’d be able to nail it and she’s doing a great job."

What are your thoughts on these Gossip Girl spoilers and teasers? How do you see the opening episodes of Season Four playing out? Comment and discuss below!

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as long as blair and serena stay friends for now


First of all I can´t wait to see the queen B again!!!!! I´m sooo excited! Second, I also think you don´t need to hurry to bring Chair back, I mean you have the whole season to do it, and please make it as epic as Chair, not stupid and nonsense, And third, anyone with a brain would choose Nate!! Seriously how could Serena left him after everything he´s done just to get a chance of being with her???? Even if she chooses Dan, I´m pretty sure she´ll regret it. Sooner or later She will realize that Nate´s always been the right for her.


i hope Serena picks Nate over Dan...
PLEASE PLEASE Please make it as romantic as possible,SERENA AND NATE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It would be a sin to kill the Chuck/Blair romance, even after dragging it out some. They love each other too much. The only proper ending for a love like that is for one of them to die so that the other moving on isn't a betrayal, or they end up together in the end in a a twist of unpredictable and intense Chuck-Blair style. 'Eva' is a red herring, and if she gets caught between Chuck and Blair, she is to be pitied, not hated.


The Chuck/Blair romance, and the individual characters, are deep and solidly developed. Their romance is epic. They develop each other, and even though their relationship is the most painful, I think that that is what has made them grow and develop the most. Since they develop each other's characters, it's impossible to kill the romance without killing the characters, so I'm convinced that they'll end up together. Whoever Eva is, she can't really change that. My first thoughts were, she's just there to make Blair jealous (after all, Chuck follows Blair to Paris, but dates someone else? right...), or she's a rebound relationship that fails. But both of those options sound too predictable for Chuck-- at the same time, it's practically impossible that he get over Blair so fast-- He loves her too much. The writers have done a pretty good job so far with developing Chuck and Blair unpredictably and epically, here's trusting that they'll continue to do so, despite the mystery woman who's now in the picture. Don't let the teasers mislead you. She's not who we think she is. Jenny is the third character that has failed to disappoint. Her development has been interesting and unpredictable. I can't wait to see if she turns into an evil fashion empress, or gets sick of being miserable and lonely and her good side wins out. The other characters have been feeling sort of flat lately. Especially Dan and Nate. Dan was sort of interesting in the beginning-- at least you could describe his character: the sweet but immature (and sorta judgmental) 'lonely boy' in love with his childhood crush-- but his character has been sort of flat and nondescript since he broke up with Serena. The on-off-again thing with the best friend is getting old. Hoping that this baby shocker will develop him more as a character. Nate will hopefully turn back into a solid and interesting character as well. He's been kind of a slut, and is currently turning into Chuck-before-Blair, only without the mysterious brooding to make it interesting, and it's kind of sad. Can Serena please figure out who she is, so that despite her daddy issues, she doesn't fall in love every three months with some random guy that shows her some emotional support? Overall, GG has in my opinion done a good job with most of the characters and story-- unpredictable but realistic for the most part. The characters that are well-developed are very believable and consistent and interesting. Hoping the writers and director can keep it that way. Most TV shows go south and turn lame after a second or third season-- please don't let that happen!


yey... BLAIR WALDORF IS BACK ON TOP ! real queen B!
and YA stephanie... MORE OF THE EVIL GEORGINA SPARKS scene.,....
we all here love the bitch georgina ! and i think georgina would like to be a good person and new evil destroy her like poppy lifton! ;D


I love CHAIR. Without Chair is GG nothing. I love their character. Chair is only real love in GG. Serena, Nate, Dan dated with a lot of people. Only Chuck and Blair are belong together. I feel their love, that I can't feel on relationship between Nate & Serena or Dan & Vanessa or Dan & Serena.
Blair give Chuck her firt time without regret. She choose him althrough She could have Nate. With Nate it is reluctant. With Chuck it is very dangerous. But she followed her heart.
And only Chuck could be suffer from her character: childish, selfish, ....


Chuck and Blair forever!


whatever it is. I'm guna have to agree with JESSI SAROSQUE over here. cos she made a clear point whatsoever. BLAIR FOR THE WIN.


@Jessi Sarosque - couldnt agree with you more. you have a huge point there. yupps. only BLAIR cudd be CHUCK's girlfriend. or... wife. =) CHUCK AND BLAIR 4EVERRRRRRR!

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