Gossip Girl Season Four Episode Titles, Photos

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The first two Gossip Girl episode titles for the coming season have been leaked online, as well as a few promotional photos. The titles are still subject to change, but here they are:

  • "Belles Du Jour" (4.1, September 13)
  • "Double Identity" (4.2, September 20)

Any thoughts on the meaning of these titles?

We have already added them to our episodes directory and will be adding photos and more information as we come across it. Here are some pictures from the first two episodes ...

BS in Paris
Chuck and Eva Picture

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I think chuck looks hot. I do think they should lose the blonde accescary next to him. Only blair waldorf can make that look look sexier. Anyway, the show rocks!! XX, Abby from south africa


yeah, i agree i think he looks too much like ed westwick; now im not suggesting that he goes back to the silk pajamas but at least the suits show who he is. and i wish they didn't show any previews of chuck- the perfect way to have opened season 4 would be for him to be in the hospital and blair has to go and visit him, that's how soo many couples reunite. of course,, that wouldn't be nearly scandalous enough so i guess this is okay 2


chucks style here looks less like chuck and more like ed westwick. i miss the chuck bass from season 1! i love and miss his style, hair, and personality of season 1! anyone agree?


Seeing Chuck with a girl is not a shocker. :p But hope that the change in his dress style reflects a change in his character-- maybe he's changed enough that the next time he wins over Blair, he won't screw it up like all the times before. Or maybe he's changed in a way that he doesn't love Blair any more-- that would be tragic. I hate that picture-- too much uncertainty. "Belles du jour" could mean so many things. My first thought is that it simply refers to Serena and Blair having a beautiful time in Paris, but the off-color connotation of the words suggests other possibilities. With Chuck in Paris, as well as the two girls, who knows? "Double Identity" is a promising title. I have no idea who it refers to-- everyone is guessing Chuck-- but maybe Eva isn't who we think she is? Lots of possibilities with this one too.


I suggest that they use the Music by Brigitte Bardot- Moi je joue in Miss Dior Cherie ad, that is so Parisian....


Chuck looks MUCH sexier without all the suits :)


yes it's so ed westwick!but i think that's a good thing.last season he was stylish and cute,but now he looks stylish and hot.that's better i guess :)


chuck's style in these photos is so ed westwick's style


Maybe Chuck is deciving Eva that he is a normal guy ? Maybe dubble identity means that he pretend to be someone he isn't ?


Agreed, TresDarius. Chuck looks very cute in jeans. It's very simple and makes me believe that he's an actual teenager instead of someone in his late 20s/ early 30s.

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