Gossip Girl Season Four Trailer: Ooh La La!

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"I'm the type of person who is not going to stop looking for love just because I've lost it. And that is why I'm going directly into the belly of the beast. Paris." - Blair

Parlez Vous Gossip? Sacre Blair! Boys Du Jour!

Girls a la Carte! Dan Au Pair! Vive le Chuck!

Oh Mon Dieu!

Okay, let's get down to business. The first trailer for the fourth season of Gossip Girl has just been released, and it's both fantastic and French. After the jump, we've posted it for all to enjoy - get ready for more than a minute of brand-new clips! Is it September 13 yet?

We'll keep any major spoilers out of this article, but proceed to see the sights of Paris, the new people (plural) coming in between Dan and Serena, how Nate has been passing the time, and most significantly, how Chuck and Blair are first reunited ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-season-4-premiere-trailer/" title="Gossip Girl Season 4 Premiere Trailer"] [/video]

Well ... what did you think? Does that last scene not look like it could be awesome? What are you most looking forward to seeing this fall when GG returns? Sound off on the trailer and all other Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers so far by leaving a comment below!

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actually it's not "Chuck lives!" but "long live chuck!" :p i'm half french :)
and it's not girls on the card but "girls on the menu" so i guess it's referring to lots of girls :p
OMGGGG THIS SEASON LOOKS AMAZING IT'S GONNA ROCK!!!!!!!! i actually got to see them filming in Paris ! so awesome! can't wait for SEPTEMBER 13th!!!!! :D chuck/blair


you.achei muito bom o trailhe de gg a mei quando b e c se encontram da para percebe que b e se gostam até no olhar da blair.eu nao vejo a hora da quarta temporada chega. só pra ver a rainha b de novo you amo por gg sou muito aviciada and nao quero nao acabe.


Parlez Vous Gossip?
Sacre Blair!
Boys Du Jour!
Girls a la Carte!
Dan Au Pair!
Vive le Chuck!
Oh Mon Dieu "Do you speak gossip? Do you speak gossip?"
"Oh my Blair!" (Sacré bleu!)
"Boys of the day!"
"Girls on the card!" (don't really know what this means)
"Dan by 2!" (As in Dan with someone)
"Chuck lives!" (as in Chuck is alive)
"Oh my God!" oMg can't wait cain't wait......
chuck and blair....
serena and dan....
nate and vannesa..
oh...jenny???i hate her...
lily and rufus...

Anna maria

Blair looks AMAZING! I LOVE the dress! Chuck looks really hot too! I just can't believe dan really had a kid.. the show doesn't bear any resemblance to the books anymore. Let's see how this season goes.. at least Paris is refreshing!


Blair... how could you say "no" to those adorable Chuck puppy eyes at the end? Please let Chair happen


awwwww... lovely trailer!... GOSSIP GIRL is going BLAST!..
Tvfanatic! yey now gossip girl have alot of new cast , new MEN of GG which is hotter than chuck in the trailer where he kissed blair!
lovely! awesome! boring only just chuck or nate! GET a good one like these newest guys always! xxxx


Im very excitied about the upcoming season. I can't wait for september 13!! I'm looking forward to chuck and blair of course but also im interested in everyone else! : )
*Im happy to see more compliments on the show then the same old complaints and insults people keep saying.


Woo I'm waiting for season4 chuck & blair ... are their have any other amazing things...= 3 =


Isn't it time that all these hedonistic self-entitled morons were taken out and shot? Season4? This show run its course after Season 2.


Wait.... Chuck is French now?? Hopefully the makers of gossip girl don't change too much of the way they make it because the style of which they do is what makes gossip girl so amazing.

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