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Gossip Girl Season Premiere Photos: "Belles Du Jour"

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Blair. Serena. Paris.

Those are the three stars of the Gossip Girl fourth season premiere, set in the beautiful City of Light and appropriately titled "Belles Du Jour." The long-awaited GG return, scheduled for September 13 (follow the link for all the previews) was filmed on location this summer.

What can we expect? Browse through this HUGE gallery of images from the season four opener below and leave a comment with your thoughts and theories!

  • Parisian Smooch
  • Lost in Paris?
  • Wooing S
  • Outdoor Cafe
  • Dining Out in Paris
  • Blair and a Mystery Guy
  • SVDW Photo
  • A Lady Who Lunches
  • NYC to Paris
  • Chanel!
  • B in P
  • American Girl in Paris
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Parisian Blair
  • In a Restaurant
  • In Search of Love
  • City of Light Style
  • In Search of Love
  • B on the Move
  • Oh Yeah, There's V
  • The Best Shopping
  • Get Ready to Get Wet S!
  • Serena and Blair in Paris
  • Blair in Paris
  • In Paris
  • A Man For S
  • Best Friends in Paris

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i think chuck wouldnt play a role in this episode so im waiting for september 20th!


I wonder if Chuck is present in this episode.


No I Don´t hope so either but I Don´t know this part of New york..


I'm sure failnessa didn't visit Paris lol.


Why a picture of Vanessa in all those paris pics? And why does it look like she isn´t in New York ? Or is that just me?

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