Gossip Girl Season Three Gag Reel

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As we gear up for the new season with Gossip Girl spoilers, news and debates galore, here's a little light-hearted relief that everyone should enjoy and agree is great.

It's the Gossip Girl Season 3 blooper/gag reel!

Not only is this funny stuff, it's gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the actors who bring our favorite characters to life, and what a blast they have, which is neat.

Check out over 10 minutes of comedy below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-season-3-gag-reel/" title="Gossip Girl Season 3 Gag Reel"] [/video]

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oh my gosh! desmond totally licked leighton meester's hand!!! hahaha... why'd they cut that out?! lol but the people who said that the past bloopers are wayyy better are right. this is boring, well, except for the VERY FEW FUNNY parts. as always, leighton, chace and desmond are the best!!


lol everyone is swearing around except for Blake XD "what the fudge" :)




My god even their season 3 gag reel is boring .


Leighton and chace are the best part in this blooper.


Normally I love a british accent but I LOVE Ed's american accent. It's hot. Dan is funny too. I love how Leighton has to tell Ed that the word he's looking for is malcontent. I wish they didn't beep out the cursing.


hahaha i love dan in the beginning when he waves like a child.. and serenas scene where shes in the car crash and she opens her eyes was a littlee creepy... but i love ed and hes so cute with his accent when he messes up and leighton is soo funny


Ed's hot and all, but mostly, this just makes me want to be friends with Leighton. I love that she seems to be having so much fun.


Chace is freaking hilarious I love when Jack is kissing Blair's hand and she's like "eeww creeper" LOL


Chace is kind of hilarious. He's won me over.


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