Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

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Here's a Gossip Girl spoiler that fans are likely to go absolutely bonkers over (just a hunch). Let's just cut right to the chase here: There will be sex. It will involve Chair.

According to E! Online, relations, "of the bom-chicka-bow-wow kind," will take place between Chuck and Blair in the upcoming fourth season, which begins September 13.

Gulp. Excited yet?!

Last Tango, Then Paris Photo

It's only a matter of time until the feelings come out ... and the clothes come off!

As for whether they will actually get back together, well ... that we cannot say. Partly because we aren't sure, and partly because the CW would kill us if we did say.

As for the return of the Upper East Siders in general, Penn Badgley sums it up best.

"There's a baby on the way, which I think everybody already knows anyway. We're in Paris for a bit. There's a gunshot wound and there's another marriage," he says. "I think. It's hard to keep track of the weddings, because they're all broken up anyway!"

So, business as usual then in New York City? Indeed. "It's the same kind of sensational stuff you've come to expect, and the change of locale makes it even more gorgeous. More of the typical stuff but in an even more heightened capacity," Penn promises.

A gunshot wound we've seen, but another marriage? What do you make of that and the Chair sex spoiler? Weigh in with your comments and predictions!

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In real life I would say Blair and CHuck should never be together, they are both too damaged. But it's a show, and it's their crazyness that makes everything so amazing and fun to watch. SO yeah, I want them together. I would love if they started scheming against everybody


I'm actually more curious about the wedding than the Chair bombshell. It obviously has to be a lesser important character, otherwise we would've heard way more about it... but who else is there? Dorota's already married as well as everyone's parents, right?


Kimmybree, ur comment literally made me LOL! :D


I know Chuck and Blair seem like a fun couple, but they'r eonly funny when they're struggling.
When you think about it, this is a very toxic relationship.
Would you encourage yoru friend to take her boyfriend back if he did the same things to her that Chuck did to Blair, common.


and abouuut tiiime
this'll be like the 1st season! sex and no talking.


i so agree with @carol


ICA with Justney and the poster LOL. Also, if you go to Tumblr, you are gonna see that most posts about gg are related to Chair.


Anyone who doesn’t want WHAS stop being… GG was good b/c of its sex appeal, not because it was a gritty true to life docudrama. And who brought the sexiness? Namely Leighton and Ed, the others were not bad either LOL I also want love and romance and flowers and fairies, but what I REALLY want to watch on my TV is PASSION!!!!! If I want ’real’ real life I will watch a documentary. And I don’t care about anything else!!!! Nooooooo of course I do. I want brilliant writing, outstanding directing, amazing acting, beautiful filming, lighting, costumes etc, etc. But will I get it???? Maybe, maybe not!!!! What I do know is what Ed and Leighton can do is make those characters seem ‘alive’ and in love and lust. So I hold on to that, it is that which gives me my optimism and if they continue to do that I will ALWAYS LOVE THEM. This is what keeps my hope alive and why I will not turn my back on the show I love. I am a faithful lover….always


Maybe a couple literally has sex in a chair, to rub this ridiculous name-hybriding in our faces.


It's always the same people complaining about chair. Dont waste your time with them people. Most people only care about chair (go look at the comments on youtube about the new season of gg, or the comments on twitter). It's always something like "yay chair" or "omg, chuck is so hot". Why care about 4 or 5 people that hate the show and still find time to post about it? Let them being miserable..... We all know without chair gg would be nothing, even the media agrees. All articles I have seen about season 4, they always say chair is the SL they are looking for. Dont worry about the haters, they are always the same people.

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