Gossip Girl: Upcoming Episode Script Pages Revealed

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Some call sheets and scripts from the first two episodes of the fourth season of Gossip Girl have leaked online, and offer new insight into the details/dialogue we can expect.

We've posted one below, in which Dan talks to Vanessa about babies. Pretty funny stuff.

There are also a bunch more featuring Blair, Serena, Nate and Juliet (Katie Cassidy).

Follow this link to see a bunch more, then comment on what (if anything) you take away from these details. What do you think will happen when Gossip Girl returns?

UPDATE: We've been asked to take down the script page by the CW. Our apologies.

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MAYBE I would be a fan of Nate and Serena if I watched most of season 2 and 3 with as much interest as I did season 1. But I didn't. Season 1 is the perfect GG in my mind, so its what I always go back to. Serena and Nate, to me, is built off of their season 1 hookup at the beginning, which was just betrayal and cheating. Not exactly my perfect couple. I mean, maybe they're actually good together! I wouldn't know, I never watched their couple scenes, really.........


So, we won´t watch derenaIgonnnnadieofboringness again??? Thank god!!!! And please please bring my chair back!! I don´t really care about Serenate mmm... I guess they are better than derena, no wait, I don´t guess it, that´s for sure Lol!!!


errrrgh! could someone please share what they've read from the leaked scripts??? PLEASE. :( i didnt get the chance to read it before it was taken down for "legal reasons" whatever! i have to read it! please please please share it. :(


I would love if Dan left with Chuck's french girlfriend. Minus two boring characters


That's exactly what I thought when I read that 'he wasn't Chuck Bass anymore'...he's not--not without Blair. When he and Blair get back together (and IT WILL HAPPEN--THEY ARE ENDGAME), then we will see Chuck Bass back, in all his glory. Also--all you dreamers--there's no reason at all why the six main characters MUST end up together, at the end of the series. We've been told by the producers that Chuck/Blair ARE endgame. We have NOT been told the same thing about the others (Nate, Serena, Dan, Vanessa), so there's always the possibility that any or all of them could hook up--at the end--with other characters.


Did the voices in your head tell you that? :)


for a twist dan should scape with the new french girl , not baby,not g, or s or v ...


Why are so many people so for Nate and Serena? They were so BORING! Dorota's relationship was more interesting. Seriously, at one point I was so worried they would run out of things for them to say that they would actually start an argument over who was prettier. I'm not sure Dan and Serena were right together either, but I liked that he wasn't really afraid to tell her what he thought. Perhaps he was a bit too judgemental at times but it has to be said that Serena could do with that at times. She acted like a total B**ch at the end of last season but because she did it with a sweet smile and a soft voice everyone seems to be like "Aww, she just wanted her Daddy back. Let's send her to Paris and have french guys fawning over her and two guys back home fighting over her, just to cheer her up a bit." And let's remember how she and Nate really got together; when she got into a car accident after stealing another woman's husband and then deciding she didn't want him anymore so he drives the car off the road and leaves her but she gets another gorgeous guy as compensation. I mean, really?! What I would really like to see in the next series would be for Serena to want Dan but him choosing Vanessa or maybe even Georgina over her, or Nate falling for the new girl, just to see what happens when she for once doesn't get her own way.


I'm a little confused about Dan and Vanessa--what happened to his newly discovered feelings for Serena? I don't mind, I just think it seems a little odd. I am 100% for Nate and Serena. I'm excited to see her work to get him back. The writers didn't write their story relationship very well, hopefully this time we'll get a little better build up to a relationship. I'm hoping Juliet is merely a distraction for him. Dan and Serena don't work together. He is way too judgmental, he could never deal with the reality of who she was. Plus their parents relationship should have spelled the end for them--no matter what. It is just too strange to date your step-brother.


If you cant find it perez hilton posted a link as well!

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