Grey's Anatomy Cast: Finally at Capacity!

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Amid all the contract squabbles, mergers and the occasional shooting, the doctors of Seattle Grace have seemed to come and go in recent years. That's about to change.

Grey's Anatomy executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells TV Guide that for once, there are no plans to add anymore series regulars into the fold in the coming Season 7.

"We're full up," she says.

The four regulars added in two years: Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw), Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).

Two other Mercy West transplants were killed in last season's tragic finale. What can we expect from the two who survived? How will they be integrated into the cast?

Jackson and Mer

Meredith with newcomer Jackson last season. [Photo: ABC]

Audiences will get to know Jackson and April better after they've moved in with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) this season. Pompeo reports Meredith and April, whose crush on Derek (Patrick Dempsey) proved nearly fatal, will bond this season, which will help April grown on fans.

Hey, if it fans can come around on Addison, anything's possible!

"Meredith will accept April in order to get the audience to accept her," says Pompeo, who hopes Mer, now the caretaker, will assume the role of teacher as well.

"I feel like Meredith and Cristina are much further along in their careers than April and Jackson. The audience hasn't seen them go through as much training as they've seen us go through. I would love there to be a teaching element as opposed to them being our contemporaries."

We couldn't agree more. Adding new cast members is one thing, but they can't just waltz in and act like they run the place? Even if they already sort of have ...

Thoughts on all the new stars? Too much or just right? Comment below.

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I must admit this has been and truly is the BEST SHOW ever! So many have "tried" to step in, "Trama", etc... But they were NOT able to bring together what "GREY'S" has had and will always have. I/We understand that the cast must grow up and move on through the years. However, I still think that it was such a big mistake to kill George! He can NEVER be replaced. He brought so much to the show. I truly have watched/rewatched the reruns/dvd's over and over. I did NOT like the merge at all! I do NOT like any of the NEW people but Jackson! I just do NOT see how trying to keep these others is going to help the show! And, most of all "Keeping" someone who has a crush on McDreamy, HE BELONGS TO OUR MER! She MUST go! PLEASE!!!! Losing Izzy and George was truly two of the most heartbreaking moves that were every made, or should I say "letting" them go. WE all grew and watched as Mer/Issie/George/Christi/ and Derick along with the rest of the cast grew. WHY would you take "the BEST SHOW ever" and even try to pull off what was done last season!?! (THE MERG) I just cannot figure WHY that storyline, had to be brought on board. I know that we will never have nor feel the love/hurt/pain, that each of the org. cast has gone through over the years again, in the way that we have! The McDreamy/McHotty, etc.. this is what makes GREY's, "GREY's"! The dark and twisty, the funny things, the quotes, the memories! They truly hold the BEST of what "Grey's" truly is! Baily/The Cheif, it is a hospital, there has to be more story lines out there, than having to drag all these NEW people in and that NONE of us LIKE! I would rather see a old story line redone, than it turn to this! PLEASE BRING BACK THE "GREY's" WE LOVE!


GA will always be GA.....
that's something that i realized while i was watching season 6 (i started with the finale then ended with the pilot). i actually stopped watching the show for a time, but i still check on it once in a while... but after watching season 6 i became hooked again.... and that's when it strucked me, yes the show lost a lot of major characters over the years (i still miss burke, george and izzie) and there were a lot of lame episodes but the writers were just trying to make do with what they have. and eventhough they lost major characters (and they can NEVER be replaced) they tried to introduced new ones who are just as lovable (though in a different way)as the ones they lost.
to be honest i didnt immediately liked the new characters but they grew on me, and im sure that the new addition will grow on me too... and i will continue to watch it as long as at the end of the episode (or season) it's still GA.


I love Arizona and Calliope...I think it is great that Shonda takes her time to develope their relationship...we need their sain relationship


I had the impression that Avery was doing his second year as a resident, like Mer and Cris. My reasoning was that he was allowed to do the first incision in the op when Mer got booted out by Bailey. Bailey offered Mer the chance to do it, and Avery said I was supposed to do that.
I thought that Kepner was on a par with Lex, a first year resident. So I'm finding the comment about Cris and Mer being further along with careers a bit confusing in regard to Avery especially.


S6 sucked the finale was AMAZING and APRIL sucks, she and Arizona need to go. Teddy, too.


i love Jackson... but April...


@cerreno The finale was the highest rated episode in season 6, but season 6 as a whole was lowest rated of all time.


Honestly those of us who don't like April and the newbies have right not to like her and them, just like those of you who like her and are willing to give her a chance. As far as I know this is a free country, where people are free to feel whatever they want toward a character. I hate April because the writers did a really bad job integrating her to the cast, however they did a stellar job integrating Jackson and I like him.


Wow i hate to see so many people trashing on aprils character...i believe shes supposed to be awkward and seem out of place... But her acting skills are awesome I loved her in the season finale that girl knows how to look freaked out lol


@ anuflas the finale brought in 16 million people according to tv fanatic!!! But I think these eps were better than season 5.
The writers and directors can't help it when the stars leave and they have to just work with what they have. Now that they decided not to intro any more people we can be sure that they are gonna make those that are here more interesting and all u haters will eat your words.... I don't mean u guys hate the show but the newbies...

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