Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Major Owen-Cristina News!

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When Grey's Anatomy returns for Season 7, Owen and Cristina ... well, you need to read this Grey's Anatomy spoiler here to find out. It's major, so proceed at your own risk!

For whatever reason, creator Shonda Rhimes insists on giving away many details from the premiere - if she didn't, would fewer people watch? It's really weird, if you ask us.

Still, there's little harm in it. If you want to keep building the suspense for the seventh season, turn back now. To read major Cristina and Owen gossip, continue right here ...

They’re getting married!

That's right. No cryptic teasers here. Cristina and Owen are tying the not, and Shonda told EW why: “The theme of this season is rebirth,” declares the Grey’s Anatomy boss.

“Everybody is sort of coming out of this very dark place [following the massacre]. There was something really hopeful and beautiful about Cristina and Owen getting married.”


At the same time, Rhimes says she wanted something to symbolize that the show was undergoing a major shift in Season 7. Basically, she needed a game changer ... again.

“We talked about jumping ahead in time, about jumping ahead a year,” she says. “When it came down to it, the thing that signals the biggest change is Cristina wanting to be a bride. There's nothing more different for Cristina than Cristina wanting to be a bride.”

With the Cristina-Owen love triangle toast and a wedding around the corner, what next? Will they succumb to baby fever? Rhimes won't say, but does expound on them a bit.

“It’s really hard for Cristina and Owen to be boring," she says of Yang and Hunt. "If Mer and Der are a lighter couple, Cristina and Owen are so fraught with their darkness and their twistiness that I can’t imagine them getting boring ever.”

What do you think? Are you excited that Owen and Cristina are getting married? How will it come about? Will this mark positive new territory for the couple?

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Callie and Arizons rule!


I LOVE THIS. It's about time they shake up Christina's world like this. :-)


Hmmm I can't hardly believe this. I thought for sure the couple getting married was Lexie and Mark. This is so wrong. I can't stand Yang and Hunt together. YUCK!!!


@RaXXX .... Euh, the 'turning into Bridezilla Cristina" part I mean.


@RaXXX Haha that is very funny!!! And SO TRUE!!!


If this wedding news was delivered to me before Season 6 I would have been really Happy For Cristina.. but now, It's just not as pleasing! I mean They are Certainly NOT ready to get married.. they nearly fell apart, Owen's no more my fav character.. and to be really honest, I was expecting and kinda rooting for Cristina and Jackson Avery thing to be rekindled... If this Gary Clark shooting incident has turned the Bad Ass Cristina we love to a Bridezilla Cristina, this is MORE traumatic for me than the McBaby miscarriage :/


I am not surprised by this at all. Glad to see Cristina and Owen are really giving it a shot. I wonder how they will help each other through PTSD and whether or not she'll be Dr. Yang-Hunt (HAHAHAHA!). I really wanted this to be Derek and Meredith (in case you couldn't tell how much I LOVE this couple with my screen name) but I like Cristina and Owen too.


I'm so happy for them! They deserve this, after having all the crap thrown at them in Season 6. I really hope this marriage is permanent too.
Read a KMK interview somewhere else about them having more domestic scenes, which is going to be hilarious because I can imagine them discussing on picking colours for the wall or something like that.


Glad to see its Owen/Christina and not Cal/Az...I do however wish it was Mer/Der for real...I just have this feeling we will have to go through more Mer/Der splits. Here is an idea...keep a Greys/PP cross over going. Have Alex hook up with Der's little sister on PP.


I'm extremely happy for Crowen's upcoming marriage. They're an awesome couple, played by amazing actors/actresses. :D

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