Grey's Anatomy's Owen-Cristina-Teddy Love Triangle: History!

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That whole Teddy-Owen-Christina triangle on Grey's Anatomy? So Season Six.

According to Kim Raver, via E! Online, "for now, the triangle with Owen and Christina is done." Which isn't to say we should feel bad for Teddy. She's got some new prospects.

"We have some people coming in, very talented, very good looking," the cast member said, smiling. "So, Teddy gets to dive into that world, which will be a lot of fun to watch."

Indeed. Meanwhile, Jessica Capshaw talked yesterday about her promise to have babies with Callie. Will she deliver on that? She's not the only one with a decision to make.

Teddy and Arizona

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It will be interesting to see where the writers take Teddy and Arizona this fall.

"The main thing you're going to see [when Grey's Anatomy returns] is who delivers and who doesn't deliver on promises made during the season finale," Capshaw explained.

"It's definitely a come-to-Jesus moment for everybody. '$h!t or get off the pot.' And the season builds from there. Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers found this really beautiful, delicate middle ground from which to spring to the next season. It's going to be really great!"

We're certainly looking forward to seeing the resolution of these issues and seeing how the events of this May reshape the landscape of Seattle Grace on many levels.

Excited? What do you think of the developments with Teddy? Will she find love with someone new - and will Owen and Cristina progress in Season 7?

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YAAYYYY!! the triangle from hell is finally over!!! I don't care who Teddy ends up with as long as she leaves Owen alone! ... though, that's not to say that Owen doesn't deserve to get punished by Cristina for all the crap he put her through this past season. I think that some flirtation with Jackson would do just the trick!


@Daedra22, I'm terribly sorry for your experience but I think that the post was more towards the triangle itself than the PTSD. What was wrong is that a lot of Owen's confused feelings were attributed to that instead of his own choices of who he loves the most.


OMGosh where are all the good spoilers like meredith and derek and alex and bailey and the cheif like seriously i mean im glad that the triangle is over no more wonderin wats gonna happen but come on bring on the goood spoilers


I also am not a fan of Owen and it has nothing to do with his ptsd. In this triangle situation I feel like both Teddy and Cristina were done wrong by this guy. I think next season since they will only be friends that it will be easier for Teddy to forgive Owen but I think it will be a little harder for Cristina based on her personality. Triangle may be over but I still see problems ahead for Cris and Owen. Can't wait for the new season so we can see how everything turns out.


Does anyone remember the first time Owen was introduced? Do you remember the shear need for real men that Christina needed? I do. I remember her looking around and saying something to the affect of, "where are all the men?" Intro Owen. I understand that he has issues. And problems. But he is a man's-man. I can't see Christina with anythign less. Jackson doesn't fit her personality. Pretty eyes and all.


@Looping That will not happen. I think Teddy is straight. Arizona and her are just friends and I think they'll develop that friendship.


I'm glad Teddy is going to find someone new, I like Teddy and I can't see why Owen and Teddy can't be friends now that Owen has chosen Cristina, Owen and Teddy went through alot in Iraq and you just can't stop being friends, I don't think true friendship would just end like that, just because they may love each other, friends can love each other and it doesn't have to mean anything other then love for a friend.


@Daedra22: I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to insult those people, I was just talking about the character, I can't stand him not because he came back from Iraq with PTSD, I can't stand him for thousands of things, and the PTSD is not one of them. I hate the character, and I bet I'm not the only one. I'm sorry if what I said about GI Joes sounded mean, but that wasn't what I wanted to say.


I'm afraid Callie and Arizona will break up again, and that Arizona is going to be some time with Teddy !
Remember when Owen said Teddy had lost her friend in the 2001 attacks. Maybe it was more than a friend, maybe her girlfriend...


"Not some kind of G.I. Joe who cries like a bitch baby every time he isn't comfortable with the situation he's in. " Anyone else think this is insulting to the thousands of men and women who came back from Iraq with horrible mental disorders? Surely to Christ I'm not the only one. I've been through an army psych ward, and these people are NOT "bitch babies" because they cry. YOU try watching your best friends die beside you in some foreign country without any of your loved ones around to help you. If you want to criticize the character because you don't like to see a troubled man with Cristina, fine. Don't call the veteran with PTSD a "bitch baby."

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