Happy 23rd Birthday, Blake Lively!

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively turns 23 today. Congrats and happy birthday, Blake!

A Los Angeles native, the gorgeous Lively has become a household name in recent years thanks to Gossip Girl, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and other roles.

In addition to playing Serena van der Woodsen on the CW, the actress can be seen in The Town, which premieres next month, as well as various magazines and this website.

She's pretty awesome if you ask us!

Click to enlarge the Blake Lively pictures we put together as a tribute to one of our favorite actresses below and leave a comment with your own birthday greetings!

Smoking Hot Blake Lively Picture
What a Great Smile
Whoa, Blake
On a Rainy Day
Blake and Penn on the Set
van der Dubs
The Body
Dressed 2 Impress
S Looking Like S Does
A Smiling Serena
In Vogue
Every Parent's Nightmare
Port Washington
A Black and White Blake
Teen Choice
Black and White Blake

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Happy Birthday Blake Lively!!!i love you so much and i think your gorgeous and a great actress!!!best wishes


Happy Birthday Blake Lively !
Hope you will have a best future!
You are drop dead gorgeous and down to earth!
I am looking forward your new movie,I am sure you'll awesome


she's just 23????????????I am shocked.But she looks older,maybe 28 or 29.anyways HBD.


Happy birthday to the beautiful Blake Lively!


Happy Bday Blake!


Happy birthday, Blake!!!
Best wishes for a year of happiness and success -- what you definitely deserve!
.. And may the years to come follow suit!


Happy Birthday!


Darling Blake, Happy birthday ! I hope you have a wonderful day. I wish you many more years to come. Enjoy your day Much love x - bizkit01


Feliz Aniversário B!!!
Lots of love, joy, success, peace and health in your life!
Love your sort of childish, sweet ways...and being such a gorgeous girl you get even more beautiful by carrying this nice attitude! You inspire me in many ways, love ya!
Xoxo x]


Happy birthday,beautiful Blake!
Hope you will have a wonderful furture!
Love you !


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