How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Wedding Alert!

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We were recently promised a game-changer on How I Met Your Mother.

A wedding on the sixth season premiere? That would certainly qualify.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the September 20 opener will feature one, although the details of the nuptials remain "under the tightest of wraps" at this time.

It could, theoretically, be some random person's wedding, but that would be a huge cop out after this kind of tease. Our guess is that it will somehow involve Ted.

Rachel Bilson on HIMYM

Cindy's return suggests Ted's wedding is in the works.

We know Rachel Bilson will be there, for one, as Cindy. Since she knows the Mother, it would make sense that she's in attendance when she becomes Mrs. Mosby.

We're thinking a flash forward of sorts, wich snippets of Ted’s wedding will be interspersed with present day action - and the bride's ID remaining secret for now.

What do you think of this How I Met Your Mother teaser? Will we finally have more clues as to the identity of Ted's future bride? Comment below!

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That's a cool theory, but the kids constantly call him "dad." Rewatch the series and you'll see. Robin/Ted shippers have to accept that that ship has sailed. Sorry! The writers have always laid everything out on the table really clearly, hinting and layering as they go. It doesn't make sense that they'd completely alter the fabric of the show just so that Ted and Robin would somehow end up together. They weren't meant to be, they made that clear from the very first episode.


Clearly Robin is the mother because Ted marries her - how else could this all end? Future Ted is talking not to his own kids but to his nephew and niece - and their mother is Robin's sister. Ted is telling them how he met their mum. That's why he calls Robin 'Aunt Robin'. She really is their auntie - and Ted is their uncle, not their dad. Sweet, huh?


... Or Ted will finally met the mother at cindy's wedding with some dude ! With the episode let us thin that ted is the groom and cindy the bride and at the end we see that is not. But look at cindy's bridesmaid, ooh isn't she the mother ??

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