Huge 90210 Spoiler: Actor Speaks on Gay Character

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The mystery is over.

A few weeks ago, 90210 producers admitted that a main male character will be outed as gay on season three of The CW series.

By an overwhelming margin, TV Fanatic readers agreed on who this individual would be. Did they get it right? Below, the actor that plays the character in question opens up about the storyline...

In a
new interview, Trevor Donovan reveals that his character of Teddy will come out of the closet this fall.

Here was his reaction when told about the plan:

“It was cool when they came to me with it, I was honored, flattered that they thought I could take on something like this and handle it in the way it’s being written and what we shot so far is done very, very smart, very intelligent. It’s really going to deal with his inner turmoil, the battle, and the struggles for self acceptance that I don’t think gets addressed enough.”

Teddy Montgomery

Donovan wouldn't reveal much else about the storyline, but said of the revelation:

"It’s not an immediate thing and it’s not a cut and dry situation; there’s going to be a gray area, a transition.”

When that transition finally does take place, Broadway actor Kyle Riabko will come aboard as Teddy's boyfriend.

Sound off now about this spoiler: Are you pleased it's Teddy? Surprised? Dismayed that 90210 is resorting to another ratings stunt? Excited to see how it handles a delicate situation?

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Agree with so sick of this.. My feelings exactly. this show is saying that its okay to cheat on your girlfriend with a dude. Homosexuality is normal and great. and lets promote teenage sex with everyone. This show has no values, or morals. Selling out to make money but I am not going to support it and will not be watching it anymore


I really, really wanted it to be Liam! :( I love Liam! But.. suppose Teddy'll do.. :/ lol!


i am torn apart by this news. i mean i don't know who else i would have been fine with to play the role, but i know it's definitely no Teddy. i loved He and Silver together very much..................... aaaarrggg...........


@Jessica.B- I totally agree. He was such a dirty little manwhore, especially with Adrianna. The whole silver thing sucks though since she really cares about him. That poor girl. Although I would love to see her go craycray again.


NO WTF, though i knew :(
i acctually LIKED Teddy and Silver, fuck that.


I think this is common , the whole Straight guy who dates all the girls turns out to be gay . it's a pattern "let me date girls so no one can tell" .but i think the whole Womanizer act that he was putting on ties in to the gay storyline really well.


So sick of showing gay couples on television? REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Most show's don't even have a gay character! And if they do, he's just one big walking stereotype. THEY GAY BEST FRIEND! Show's need more gay and lesbian's in healthy relationships or one's filled with drama. Dirty shows? Omfg. Just stop. You're a jackass.


I'm so sick of hollywood making EVERY show have a gay couple just to boost ratings. It makes me furious, and I will not keep watching these dirty shows. It ruins so many good shows....grey's anatomy, gossip girl, now 90210...what is this world coming to?


i agree with ashley!! and im glad its him & not liam


gotta say i'm a bit dissapointed that it's teddy because i really hated that character but anyways silver&teddy were aweful together and the storyline really sounds like they will do it properly:)
i guess i'm just so glad to have a gay character on 90210 that i don't really mind who it is;)

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