Leighton Meester: Living the Dream

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In a world where prima donna stars are a dime a dozen, it's nice to see one grateful for what she has. Leighton Meester says she's still thrilled with her role on Gossip Girl.

The actress, who plays Blair Waldorf, praised the writers for creating the "noble" character: "I am living my dream and having the time of my life!" she told Cosmopolitan.

"I’m so lucky because I get to do that all day long and play a character who has a lot of noble qualities as well. I am really lucky she is such a well-written character."

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She added that her own youth was different from Blair's despite having also grown up in New York for part of her childhood. Leighton, who was born in Florida, says:

"[It was] the complete opposite [of Blair], to be honest. I had lived in NYC before but not the Upper East Side - it was in the Upper West Side, which was very different."

"When I was a teenager I was in a public high school. I certainly was not popular by any means, and I didn’t have a car or a lot of money, so it was very different."

We doubt those are issues for her now, but it's good to see she hasn't changed and has an appreciation for how far she's come. What's not to love about Leighton?

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she's my god


Most likeable! Congrats for winning TCA best actress! You totally totally totally deserve it! I agree that while some other gossip girl characters take their job on the show for granted, there is one person who truly appreciates her work and tries her best to play her role effectively (and she's been successful!). And Leighton is even the most popular star on the show and among them, she's the one who can afford to take her role for granted but instead she embraces it. Love her! :)


shes so beautiful..inside and out!


there's never gonna be enough reason why i should love leighton meester. because they are way too many.


Another reason to love Leighton Meester. Like there weren't enough already. Love her.


I'll always be faithful fans of her. and she's the only one who i adore from GG cast. blake? she is so ungrateful bitch. she never said anything good about the show either nowadays.


This is why Blair is so likable, because Leighton is so likable. She is such a sweet girl and I like that she appreciates gossip girl. I have to agree, Blair is so well written, probably my favorite character along with Chuck of course!


This is why I love her. So friggin adorable


This girl has absolutely no reason to complain about her character in GG; she said it herself that her character is well written! Even if she's written as a somebody who's a bitch; she still has redeeming qualities and that's why fans like her character. Can't say the same thing about how Serena's character is written though. So really, she should be thankful!


FinalLy a truly grateful cast member :D...cuz I've already seen practicaly all of them complaining about GG in some level and really TAKING IT FOR GRANTED, specialy Blake and Taylor! It´s so annoying to see how ungrateful some people can be to the one thing that brought them where they stand right now, the one big opportunity that opened all the other doors...if it wasn´t for GG, they wouldn´t be half of what they are today! CHILL OUT and show some GRATITUDE children! (except for Leighton who has already made hers clear :)


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