Love Interest For Kensi on NCIS: Los Angeles?

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NCIS: Los Angeles' Kensi Blye is both bad ass and beautiful.

She's also surrounded by guys, promoting the obvious question of whether the relationship Daniela Ruah's character has with any of them will turn romantic.

This season, according to Fancast, Kensi is being partnered professionally with Marty Deeks, played by new cast member / NCIS liaison Eric Christian Olsen.

Deeks, an undercover LAPD officer, is a Ziva-like liaison. Will he channel his inner Ziva in other ways - such as will-they-or-won't-they tension with Kensi?

“A lot of questions are raised. Is there chemistry between them or ot?" Ruah mused. "Do they like each other do they not? We’ll have to wait and see.”

We will indeed - in the two-hour premiere September 21.

Kensi Works Out
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KENSI E Deeks senza dubbio ...


Kensi and Deeks would be so much better (in my opinion) and a lot more funny to watch! ^^


Kensi and Callen are definatly my fav! Deeks can be a friend =)


I first touht that Kensi and Callen were be perfect for eachother... But from the first moment that Deeks showed up , I knew I was wrong ;o.


kensi and callen would be a more interesting couple. The feelings between them go deeper.


Kensi and Deeks for sure! Their chemistry was evident from the first moment they shared the screen!


kensi n callen for sure. just like ziva n tony


She and CAllen has more chemistry..Kensi and Deeks can be like buddies, but she and callen would be the perfect kick-ass couple!!


She has more chemistry with Deeks.


Kensi and Callen would be a lot better!