Mandy Moore to Reprise Grey's Anatomy Role

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The traumatized doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West will be trying their hardest to get back to normal when Grey's Anatomy returns for its seventh season next month, but reminders of the murderous tragedy they collectively witnessed will be everywhere.

Specifically, Mandy Moore.

The singer and actress, who played a memorable role as a patient in May's two-part season finale, will be returning to the show in the sixth episode of the new season.

From MerDer time bombs to a shaken-up Cristina and a couple we know getting married, the new season will clearly be influenced by the last. How does Mandy fit in?

Mandy on Grey's

Mandy Moore will return to Grey's this fall. [Photo: ABC]

Mandy's character, Mary, was the unfortunate patient coping with a colostomy bag when called upon to assist Bailey in her ultimately unsuccessful, desperate struggle to save the life of gunned-down Mercy West transplant Charles Percy (Robert Baker).

No word yet if Mary's cute hubby Bill (Cougar Town star Ryan Devlin) will be returning as well, but we're interested to see what her new guest stint means for the doctors - Bailey in particular. Will it just bring back haunting memories of that fateful day?

Are you excited to see Moore return to Grey's Anatomy? Discuss below.

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I love Mandy Moore shes so pretty ccan't wait to see her in the next season!


Yay. Very nice to look at too. I hope she gets to sing??? Would be great to see her on the show regularly . . . c'mon SR . . . develop the backstory and bring Mandy into the fold . . .


Mandy Moore is such a good actress, and it's great to see her getting work again.


I really like Mandy and have loved her for years. I'm a big fan, and so glad she is coming back. I think she will be a trigger for Bailey, but I think together they can help their characters heal and move on from this. Bailey is a strong person and it was just insane to see her break like she did in the finale. Seeing how she can't fix everything!!!


I really liked her character! I'm pretty excited that she is coming back! But this will bring back some bad memories for Bailey


I thought she (Mandy) did a really good job with the season finale! Can't wait to see her on Greys Anatomy again!


i hope MerDer dont brake up


I think the return of Mary will have huge issues for Bailey. A good excuse for the counsellor to stay on


I'm OK with it if Calzona and Meredith-Lexie and Derek get a lot of screen time! Especially Calzona now that J.Cap is soon about to go on maternity leave!


I really loked Mandy's character, it will be interesting to see what her storyline would be.

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