Modern Family Spoilers: A Girlfriend for Manny, A Nightmare for the Dunphys

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Cam and Mitchell will kiss on season two of Modern Family. This has already been established.

What other antics and storylines can viewers of the funniest show on television expect when it returns on September 22? We're so glad you asked...

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Manny will go on a date. A serious date, that is. Make that: a handful of them. Producer Christopher Lloyd confirms Manny will get a girlfriend, who will soon clash with Gloria: "In the Colombian culture the bond between a mother and son is very intense, and it becomes a little bit of a competition between the girl and Gloria for Manny."

We pity the young lady that ends up with this part. Those breasts could be a serious weapon.

Hayley dumps Dylan. But, don't worry, we'll see more of the pained rocker because Phil "continues seeing Dylan behind Hayley's back," Lloyd said. Of course he does.

Simply put, "the Dunphy kids walk in on their parents having sex," said producer Steve Levitan. "Hey, it happens." When your mom looks like Claire, it might even happen more than once!

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Phil is very annoying and he thinks he's a nqesta but he is not! i just want to stab him, especially in one episode where he speaks about 'peeranting'


i think phil is an idiot. gloria and jay are very funny and alex is very smart.


This show is really good. I'm looking forward to it. The first couple of episodes were fantastic!


Im on the edge of my seat! I cant wait for the new season! I was hooked on season one episode one, first 5 minutes! Jesse Tyler and Eric Stonestreet are my favorite! love love love them in the show!

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Modern Family Quotes

By the way, do not look up peeing games on the internet.


Manny: Does this feel like a short visit to you, or a long one?
Jay: The pregnant one brought a stroller.