Pretty Little Liars Poll: Summer Finale Reaction!

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It's terribly sad, but true: Pretty Little Liars has called it quits for 2010.

The ABC Family hit aired its final episode of the year tonight, as one of the girls discovered the identity of A and viewers were left to wonder how they'll survive the next few months until the show returns.

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Emily and Spencer

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What did you think of the episode?

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it continues in September?? I thought they would do the same as Secret Life and showing the half-season left from January
Someone knows when the second part will air??


The hairblowing thing was hilarious.


@Christina does the show continue in September? I know this is just hiatus.. but I heard it'll continue in 2011..?

Matt richenthal

@Cia: Lucy Hale has said the A on the show is NOT the same as the A in the books.

I am xoxo just start to fall for this show then it just easily end for this season? the story line is not that strong though, i tought that they might expose more on A's it is just as simple as this?


but they said it isnt playing again till 2011?
thats so sad ):
its my fave tv show


Read the books... you will find out who the first A is in the first four books. I can tell you that they will have to reveal the first A early in the upcoming episodes, because of how the books fall.


That just completely blew my mind! This show needs to back ASAP. I just can't wait long to find out more! :D


that was AWESOME!!! i can't believe they did the scene from the playground. it was a great part in the books but i didn't think they would actually do it. now this stuff with Ian. i guess maybe Ian is "A." damn - can't wait until september. the last 5 minutes i was like screaming at the tv.


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Jenna's back, and she's knocking into walls.


Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister.