Pretty Little Liars Promo: "Keep Your Friends Close"

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From Emily and Alison's swapping of spit, to Byron and Ashley's inappropriate flirting, we learned a great deal about various characters last night on Pretty Little Liars.

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Looking ahead, meanwhile, ABC Family airs the mid-season finale of this series next week, as it takes a break for a few weeks before returning with new episodes in the fall.

What will this mean for viewers? Based on the preview below, it means the return of one presumed dead character, along with a camping trip gone terribly awry. Will everyone survive the summer?

[video url="" title="Summer Finale Promo"] [/video]

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@ilovechriscolfer (TIVA FOREVER) --- wow, so they did do the scene in the playground. i was like screaming at the screen. bold move but i LOVED IT!!!

I am xoxo

me neither...i dont think they will do as the same as the books, even when i found out in the books who is A,its like OMG!!! the books and the show s well.hope this show would b different...=)


@ilovechriscolfer (TIVA FOREVER) - I don't think they would do that but I know exactly what you are thinking. It would be a gusty move. They did say they are going in a completely different direction from the books. However, if this is a mid-season finale or something that would make for a crazy cliffhanger. (If they do the scene in the playground....).


lol @ ezra throwing the book...


"She knew too much. -A" For those who've read the books.... could this mean what i think it means??


yess!! ezra and aria @ 18 seconds!


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Jenna's back, and she's knocking into walls.


Stop looking at me like I'm the town pump.