Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Review: "A" Strikes, Hits and Runs!

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She knew too much.
- A on Hanna

WOW. What a way for Pretty Little Liars to close out its summer season! In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, Shay Mitchell said that viewers would fall out of their seats by the conclusion of "Keep Your Friends Close." Did you find yourself on the floor by hour's end?

Before we get to the dramatic events of the last few minutes, let's take a moment to feel sorry for Toby. Granted, he may be less misunderstood if he didn't get mysterious tattoos and if he smiled more often - but, still, he doesn't deserve the fate that seems to have befallen him.

Did Emily really turn him in? Ironically, it may have been her dad's advice about honesty that made her feel obligated to alert the law to Toby's whereabouts. Let's hope this character is given a chance to prove himself next year.

Scavenger Hunting

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Let's also hope Hanna is simply alive! It would be a major step for the show to kill off one of its core four, and with Hanna's mom getting a new, devious storyline, it's very safe to assume that her daughter will make it through the hit-and-run.

But will she do so as a changed, timid shell of her former self? Or as a hardened, vengeful survivor more dedicated than ever to justice?

In many ways, Hanna has also taken the place of Alison as the member of the group privy to everyone else's secrets. She knows about Emily and Mya and, now, about Aria and Ezra. Are you happy to see these two back together?

We gotta hand it to Ezra for finally growing a spine, acting his age and telling Aria how he feels. This pair can be somewhat boring together, but that make out session was simply H-A-W-T! Just keep them together now, writers, and end all the back-and-forth.

As we bid farewell to Pretty Little Liars until early 2011, we're left with the following questions:
  • Is Ian really A?
  • If so, is he acting alone? I've got a sneaking suspicion about Noel, as that guy has almost seemed too nice so far.
  • For how long will Melissa and Spencer's truce last? Will she ever find out about her sister's spit swapping with Ian?
  • Could Mona be more of a bitch?!?
  • Does Spencer count the number of steps between every destination?
  • Will the FBI remain a factor?

So many questions and, sadly, so long to think about them. We invite readers to debate the show in our Pretty Little Liars forum and continue to visit TV Fanatic over the next few months for more interviews, news and spoilers.



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Aria - her parents are acting like kids! thank goodness her annoying brother was absent this episode. i think it is a little bit absurd that aria is already throwing around words like "love" when she and ezra really barely know each other but she is 16 so i guess it makes sense. and why would they have that conversation with the door wide open? hellooo! and the poem thing was strange. what was it published in and where did it come from? the make up session in the car in the woods was pretty steamy, though. Hanna - i appreciate her desire to help her mom and i feel like they are doing a good job to demonstrate her insecurities about her weight and how she lost it. i think it was absurd that she would be in the woods by herself and then see someone write on ezra's car and not run after him/her. and the rumor that she had lipo - did no one else question on anonymous text from A? Spencer - anyone else find it strange that all of melissa's older boyfriends pounce on the underage sister? and no mention of alex? Emily - how did her mom get the photos of her an maya? could she be more annoying? could it have been funnier when toby pops up in her backseat? i don't think it was emily who called the cops. i think it was A who was at the party and heard the conversation. Also, were there any scenes for when the show returns? my DVR cut off!


i know on last episode i was like well there are going to tell us why Lucas had mud on his show too but they didnt maybe Ian is -A if he dated Alli well she might have told him all of the girls secrets and Emily's mom know about her and Maya :O i didnt read the books but i read in wikipedia on the book page that they send her to a thing that gonna make her not gay wtff but theyre are going to accepte her after :) but why did they always do this this inst like Gossip Girl even if its my fave show i can wait till SEptember to watch it again on GG you can somehow know what going to happen like Chuck gonna survive (pictures) but on PLL you dont know N O T H I N G they keep you guessing god i have to wait till 2011 well GG 90210 HellCats Nikkita are going to air on September so that sorta fine ;)


Another interesting question...if Ian is A, why did Lucas (the guy who was hanging out with Hanna and helped her sell her bags online) have mud on his shoes at the end of "A Perfect Storm?" Is he A or did he just destroy Ali's memorial because she was such a bitch to him? Or did he just walk down a muddy path to school?!

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