Report: Blake Lively Wants Serena Killed on Gossip Girl

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We're speak for the validity of this rumor, but online reports suggest that Gossip Girl star Blake Lively has begged the show's producers to kill her character off.

The 21-year-old actress wants to leave her role as Serena van der Woodsen in the hit drama after growing tired of behind-the-scenes rows between the cast.

A source reportedly told Heat magazine: "Blake has asked producers to kill off her character."

"She's tired of working on the show. It was great at the beginning, but she's started to get bored of her storylines and all the petty fights on set."

"Nearly all the Gossip Girl cast members have had some kind of bust-up. Besides the fact that she gets to work with her boyfriend, Blake wants to leave."

Although the producers have not yet agreed to Lively's request, the actress has reportedly pitched a number of possible exit storylines to the show-runners.

Blake and Penn on the Set

Blake and Penn in New York this week. Does she want to leave the show?

The source added: "Serena's been the show's most dramatic character and Blake thinks she deserves a fitting exit. Execs aren't convinced they'll let her go but ideas have been thrown around. Suicide is one, though it's likely to be an accident."

The Green Lantern actress feels she has outgrown the show and is now setting her sights further afield: "She's grown up a lot and although she's grateful to Gossip Girl for giving her the status she's achieved, it doesn't fit her future plans."

Well. That's a lot to digest. Assuming this is true - a big if - would you be sad to see Blake leave? How could Serena van der Woodsen be written off the show?

Until we hear it from Blake herself or at least a more credible source, as opposed to a random source citing another random one, we'll assume it's just ... gossip.

UPDATE, 11:38 a.m. EST: As predicted by TV Fanatic, this story is bogus. Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz just tweeted the following: "Have to respond: no truth to rumors that BL requested to have Serena killed. All is well. GG S4 back on 9/13."

There you have it. Everybody, all together now: PHEW!!

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Brilliant post! I have been shamelessly been iggolng onto the Daily Fail for a while now but imagine my shock at finding out my husband is equally addicted! (Blame the recent purchase of an iPad ) The fact he can now quote celeb gossip back to me is unnerving and, frankly, quite weird. xoxo indeed!


this sounds familiar... i vaguely remember an actress named mischa barton who was on a hit show and decided that she had outgrown it and wanted to take her career further. The most work she's gotten since then was on some lame cop show and she played a cracked out hooker!
I like Blake, she an alright actress but she gets way too much credit! The show isnt just about serena and it shouldnt be bc her character is so annoying most of the time! The cast is a group and no one can say that she deserves any more respect than any of the other actors on the show! There have been a lot of great story lines where serena wasnt involved!


Gossip girl is nothing without Serena she is part of the show along with Blair if she goes the whole show goes apart not that she is the best actress in the show but really blake leaving already ?? better quit when the show quits it's kinda easy when your famous right now she can do something else. But never forget GG Made You B ! But i do think they should make better story lines and leave out al the other new players in the show they ruin it ! and better bring Blair an Chuck back quick


Not that I would really care. Serena was awful in the book and in the show. At least show Serena is semi tolerable. I do love Blake though, so I would be a bit sad not to see her on my T.V every week if this was true.


She is a terrible actress. Kill her and we will see she has no talented and her movies will go down because she is just a pretty face, nothing more.


1.she's hot
2.gossip girl is about promiscuity and sex
3.never been interested in the sex scenes where she's not involved in any way those 3 reasons drive me to say that if she leaves, I LEAVE


well even if serena gets killed off,loved every season so ill still watch the show for Chuck and Blair! and so will a lot of others. they're the main highlight of the show in my opinion...


Though the story's mostly BS, it's not totally untrue. I've heard that Blake wants to focus on films now, she's aiming to be a movie star, and she did turn down GG originally because she didn't want to be tied down on a tv show.


If Serena dies the show dies with her... If you are thinking about killing off a character,don´t kill just one... kill Rufus and his two children along with Vanessa please!!!!!!! strangely, i agree with this...well, sort of.
but lets keep dan for a while, maybe we'll get dair. ;p


If Serena dies the show dies with her... If you are thinking about killing off a character,don´t kill just one... kill Rufus and his two children along with Vanessa please!!!!!!!


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