Rookie Blue Review: "Hot & Bothered"

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It was the quote Rookie Blue used to conclude almost every preview for its pilot episode: Don't make me shoot you. It's my first day.

Andy avoided making a kill on that opening installment, but fate intervened on "Hot & Bothered" and there's a good chance this officer will never be the same.

Aside from two complaints (below), this was a solid episode of a series that is very much at home with what it offers. It doesn't try too hard to or go too in-depth with any character. It just gives viewers the same situation over and over - Andy gets separated, Andy gets in trouble, Swarek comes to the rescue - and relies on Missy Peregrym to carry most storylines.

She certainly did so this week, as the actress sold every ounce of Andy's pain after this troubling event took place.

Working the Streets

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How many of you groaned when she came to her senses and put an end to her and Swarek's bedroom romp? Most comments regarding the show make it clear that fans prefer Sam to Luke for Andy.

My favorite scene of the entire series so far was when Sam went from telling the abducted girl "it's fine, it's fine," to looking at Andy and saying these same comforting words.

But this does bring us to one of our complaints: The power went out in the city during the middle of the day. Swarek was at work. Why would the TV, radio or any lights be on in his apartment? This may seem like nit-picking, but truly quality shows account for every detail.

Elsewhere, it was nice to see Epstein take control of a stressful situation. He was clearly better prepared in the face of an emergency than Peck, who would have made a grave mistake if she actually arrested the pregnant woman and forced her out of the house.

Now, on to complaint number-two:

It lazy and, simply put, lame for the show to not specify the city in which it takes place. This might be acceptable if it didn't refer to the area often, but last night's episode used the city as an actual character. It was the basis for Diaz's entire storyline.

Almost any cop show (NYPD Blue, The Shield, the upcoming Detroit 1-8-7) turns its city into a key player on a weekly basis - and why shouldn't it? These officers are dealing with citizens every week, it gives viewers a a sense of familiarity and of what's going on when we know where they actually are.

Moreover, it's distracting when a character makes a reference to New York (as the pregnant woman did here) and we simply have no clue where that is in relation to the show's location.

Sadly, this error is consistent with Rookie Blue in general remaining on the surface in almost every circumstance. If it gave us an actual city, it would have to write storylines that went along with that setting. By never naming the area, though, it can remain generic and plug any crime or criminal into an episode.

But enough complaining. What did you think of "Hot & Bothered?"


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its cleary a Canadian show based in Toronto. My first guess was when I saw the Toronto cruisers.Canadian or not...this show has got me hooked! Im actually proud that its shot in a major Canadian city, but I dont really give it a shit that it isn't named. It's obvious to any hello the CN tower has been showed!


I assumed (I think) by the landmarks/towers, I knew before that it was Canadian from the money and the CN tower confirmed my guess. Good episode, I don't have the highest of hopes for the show either mind you.
Actually what it reminds me of alot is Scrubs, with them the older doctors with the interns only their drama and comedy high points seemed to hit more then miss.


Loved it. Nuff said.


ummm the show is Canadian and it doesnt have to SCREAM thats its in Toronto... u should be able to figure that out if your smart enough to... honestly its a good show and its meant to entertain which is what it does :) Andy & Sam


As far as the blackout is concerned? There are backup generators in some places but depending on the wiring and the finance invested within the precinct it may not be all updated. It explains why the phone lines still worked. As far as the lights all coming back? Hey I've been to a couple of city blackouts in my day, and while it seems nonsensical people will flip the switch to check for power. I've been known to at least turn on the light switch should it come back. So while it's understandable this whole "how did the lights come back on?" The question is really about thinking about the circumstance at hand. Would it be unusual for Sam's lights to switch back on? He WAS at his place for a while before Andy showed up, maybe he did flip them so he would know when power was working again. Ooh and I don't think there's anything wrong with Luke per se. I think it's nice Sam and Andy finally kissed Sam...but now what? Are they going to magically hook up and act like it's not going to be an issue? I'm quite tired of these "forbidden" storylines. Chemistry? YES! It was a hot scene...longevity of the relationship? I don't know. Luke deserves a fairer shot, imo. But for me I like to see where Jerry and Traci go in their relationship.


With every passing week the show is getting progressively stronger. But that review was very nitpicky and I am sorry. Last night's ep was the strongest yet, so I'd rather focus on that rather than circumstantial things.

Matt richenthal

@rookiefan: Sorry, but no. I was away when that one aired.


it is a good show and while i haven't watched the most recent episode yet, i really just had a question for @M.L. House. Is somebody going to review the previous episode? the one with the kid with a bullet in his head?


As to your first complaint...don't you know that when the power goes out, you're supposed to turn a few things "on" so that you know when it comes back on?


Anyone who doesn't recognise it's Toronto.... it's kind to say they're simply not paying attention. I think the reason they don't mention Toronto is they don't want American audiences to be turned off. Flashpoint's also filmed in Toronto and they barely mention it either. The police uniforms (red stripe) and the Canadian flags are shown. Both shows have a different feel to them. More Canadian shows should be on tv in US.

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