Sam Page Cast as Serena's New Love Interest on Gossip Girl

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So much for the Dan-Serena-Nate triangle.

Sam Page, known for roles on Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, is joining the cast of Gossip Girl a multi-episode story arc as Serena’s (Blake Lively) new love interest.

Entertainment Weekly first reported his casting yesterday.

Page’s first episode is expected to fall in October. Might this be the older man Serena begins playing the field with? If so, do you think he's a good choice for our girl?

We've heard that Serena may bring a cute boy back to New York from Paris in Season 4, which begins September 13. Think it's him? Any theories? Comment below ...

What a Great Smile
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hmm interesting storyline.. nate had an older woman so why not ! i think serena needs some love but i liked carter... can't wait for jenny to come back - thn she can be with nate :)


eh...not so sure about it :/


agreed gracie - he looks way too much like trip it's scary.
i liked serena wth sebastian stan (can't remember his name), when he was nice or at least seemed to be... serenate is too boring, and derena is too deja vu...
oh, and jessica needs to die. and jenny needs to come back with less make up and hair that's less ropey. if she's ever going to get a guy who isn't going to screw her over this season.
ehem. sorry, needed to vent. but yeah basically trying to say that serena needs to stop being in 2-second relationships with people. sam page looks like trip, and also if he is the 'older guy' or 'married' that's also exactly like trip. and that's just.. no. just no.


i just like Serena be with Nate.. not some other guys again..!!!!


Are you fucking kidding me? Dude... Chace Crawford is a lot hotter. God!


The older man, we may presume??


Serena just need's to be single for once, figure out what she really wants, weather it's dan or nate, or someone else, she just needs to be alone, i wish the writers would just stop giving her these meaningless short term love interests, and just making that her story line. i just feel bad for blake, no wonder she "wants to leave the show"


Come on people!!! stop making so much scandal Gosh!!! when are you gonna get it?? It doesn´t matter how many love interests they gave to Serena and Nate, it´s their work to make it hard for them, but EVERYONE knows Serenate is the endgame!! DUUH!!


Nooooo!!!!! I want my DARENA!!!!!! i WANT THEM NOW!!!!. Wait this isnt that bad. but i just feel like she needs to be alone with being a freind with dan and in the end they get together. no Nate and Serena plz him and blair need to end up or i dont mind chair.

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