Sarah Drew Promises Redemption of April on Grey's Anatomy

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Sarah Drew is one of three new Grey's Anatomy regulars this season.

Whether people are excited about her - or Kim Raver, or Jesse Williams - is a different story. Her character, April, didn't exactly endear herself to the faithful last year.

In this, her first full season as a Grey's Anatomy cast member, she vows that April will be less hateful: "This season is all about the redemption of April!" she promises.

Adds Drew, who also guest starred on Glee and Castle last year, "Her McDreamy crush is completely over and what happened with the shooting will change, her I think."

As for the new doctor in town, Andrew Perkins (James Tupper of Men in Trees), Sarah reports that "the fans will love him," and that, well, "he's not hard to look at."

Cute Sarah Drew

The adorable Sarah Drew promises a new and improved April.

Sarah's fellow Mercy Wester Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery), also tells E! regarding the shooting that "something will come up out of a shared experience we've all had."

"People are more willing to expressing their feelings and they feel like that clock is ticking and time is precious, and it's time to be honest with each other," he says.

Are you looking forward to seeing April and Jackson mesh with the cast as regulars? What do you predict will happen with their respective characters in Season Seven?

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Cool. It'll be great to see April develop as I love Sandra Drew (but not as season 6 April). Hopefully the season 7 redemption has her performing kick-butt surgeries, being less erratic/airheaded, less intrusive in others' relationships and gaining respect in the OR. Watching this space . . .


Go away! I really can't stand her and I don't want her to have her own storyline. Alot of the major characters barley have any screen time with all these new people!


April is so going to be the one to tell Derek about Meredith's miscarriage, just watch. That is going to be the storyline for April and if it is, I'm only going to say bye bye to the redemption of April Kepner. It would pissed me off immensely, if April is the one that blabs the miscarriage to Derek.


I want to say no i dont want to see her, but I used to dislike Juliet on Lost and she became my favorite character so wait and see what happends.
Like Teddy and Jackson, Teddy is down to earth and trying to find her place in this new job setting at the hospital. Jackson is sometimes humorus but easy on the eyes :P
Lets see what happends


I don't care. I hate April.. She;s a baby and she's not interesting at all. I wish the show would focus on the main characters like Meredith, Derek, Alex, Bailey..... and so on. Why do we need April????


I don't like her and I am definetly not interested in her and her new love interest. I really hope they don't pair Alex with her.


Sarah will never be redeemed. I never liked her and i never will. She's just the crybaby who got Derek shot.


I don't care. Sorry SD but I really don't care about April or her redemption.


I dont like her...


Hated the crush kepner had. Kepner did turn up at the wrong time when Der was being confronted by clark.
But I will not be happy if Kepner is Der's resident everytime he is in the OR.

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