Serena to Play the Field, Date Older Man on Gossip Girl?

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With all the talk about Chuck, Blair and Eva, and to a lesser extent Dan, Georgina, Vanessa, Nate and Juliet, relatively little attention has been given to Serena this offseason.

Well, according to TV Guide, while Chuck's drama plays out across the Atlantic, Serena will play the field a bit in Paris herself, and may even tote a cute boy back to New York!

But don't get too attached to him, though. He's an older man with responsibilities - and he may not have the patience for Serena & Co.'s collegiate antics. Hmm ... interesting.

Who is this guy and what antics might those be? Discuss!

The Beautiful Serena

Is Serena getting an older love interest?

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oh maaan
havent they learnt anything after TRIPP


just kidding with the last post...LOL god i hope serena wont sleep with chuck. i cant take the incest anymore.


oh my god! CYRUS!!! lol but anyway, typical serena vdw sl. no surprise there at all. i wouldnt even be surprised if they make an SL where she gets down with the president or a woman. JACK BASS!!!!! Nah, just kidding :P no no...that delicious piece of ass is reserved for blair and blair alone. serena can go fuck chuck now. it wouldnt matter anymore anyway.


Please don´t do this Nate is the right for Serena, I mean he´s done everything to be with her and she dumped him with a stupid "it´s not you it´s me" argument come on!!! Instead of getting her ANOTHER love interest you should make her work to get Nate back, to make her do an effort for once in her life not this!!!!!!!!! Same goes for Chuck, he ruined his relationship with Blair and you get him a new girlfriend?? He should be focus in how to win her forgiveness not finding a new european love!! Why are you doing this with your show?? Serenate and Chair are amazing you better fix them soon...


JACK BASS!!!!! Nah, just kidding :P


come on, Serena always needs to be with somebody. seriously, was she ever not in a relationship? she is such a whore and always needs attention - even if the problem is just about chuck and blair, or rufus and lily - SERENA TRIES TO GET ALL THE ATTENTION. i'm so sick of her being a slut. she was much better with dan, when she always tried to change!


well I don't care about Serena and Dan and their boring stories.Ä°f Blake wants to leave the show She can do whatever she wants but in one condition I want her to take Penn with her while going.This shows main characters are Chuck and Blair but because of this spoiled Blake, Chuck and Blair can't be so much on the forefront.They always take Serena Dan and their boring stories to the front.I mean I will be very very glad if Blake and Penn goes.Then YAYYY Chuck and Blair will be the main focus.We won't have to watch Serena Dan and their boring stories.
They were only enjoyable to watch when dating on the show.


I hate how you get the tinniest, TINNIEST spoiler and everyone is already bashing the story line! I mean seriously? Serena may be dating an older man. That could mean anything! There is undoubtedly more to the story. Sure, it may be Serena just sinking farther down into whoredom (that's not a word.. I know) but at least give it a chance without being like 'No. I hate it. its crap. fail.' Oh and also, I don't think the rumors about Blake wanting to be killed off the show are true. The article also claimed it was partly due to the petty fighting on the set... and how many more times do those rumors have to be put to rest? I mean honestly, don't believe everything you read! Everyone should know that by now!

Serena and nate 9494

this is so stupid come on!!! Serena is always in a relationship,i thought she was torn between dan and nate.... and now what? someone else.. that's she dated a lot of gyus before she came back,then there was Dan,then Aron,Then Gabriel,Dan,Carter,Tripp...Nate...... Dan.... she is so.... aa i am starting to get angry


Rumours on the net are saying that Blake wants to "kill-off" Serena Van Der Woodsen because she's bored with her storylines. Hehehe. If that happens, it should be a suidide / overdose of hair products. Hehehe. Put Derena back together again. That should liven things up. KILL-OFF Vanessa.

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