Smallville Plans 200th Episode as "One Big Event"

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With Smallville entering its final season, fans have a lot to look forward to. Like Clark in the Super Suit.

They can also get excited for the long-running show's 200th episode, which will air at some point later this year. Look for James Marsters to reprise his role as Brainiac that week, as he appears on an installment that producer Brian Peterson hypes as "one big event."

Speaking to Fancast, Peterson added that fans will "have to wait for the last few minutes" for the episode's major fireworks and revelations.

As a whole, it will “explore a little bit of the past, the present and the future. We kind of do a little look back to where we’ve been, and we also take a look at where Clark is going," he said.

James Marsters on Smallville

As for Brainiac? “You get to see a little bit of the old villain that we all love,” said fellow producer Kelly Souders. "But with a new twist.”

Smallville premieres its 10th season on September 24.

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