The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Not an Awful Episode!

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Brace yourselves, TV Fanatic readers:

I actually didn’t hate this week’s episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  In fact, I liked "My Girlfriend's Back." I really, really liked it.  A large part of that is probably due to the heavy Amy and Ricky scenes, so let’s jump right into it.

In Amy’s teen mother music program, the fathers or partners usually go to visit the moms at the end of the program.  Since obviously Ricky is not her partner, she wasn’t planning on inviting him.  But when she tells him about it, something ignites in Ricky and he decides they finally need to talk things out. Yay for progress!

He flies to New York and things are slightly awkward with Amy at first; Probably because they’ve had little interaction and screentime.  If they do, it’s been fighting, talking about John, or working out logistics.  In fact, this is probably the most time they’ve spent together since the one-two pump impregnation.

My Girlfriend's Back Scene

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They finally kiss. I almost squealed, it’s taken too long.  They sat, they talked, they got to know each other and most of all they have chemistry.  I don’t think chemistry can be faked.  Especially in real life, but even on television and in movies, it’s very obvious when two actors don’t mesh well.  Fortunately, these do.

They talked about their future and are thinking about being together.  I really hope the writers will give this relationship a shot.  They are the anchor of the show and the only characters I never really want to scream at.

As for the characters who are on my nerves this week, Adrian can’t say that if Ben hadn’t knocked her up she’d still have a chance with Ricky.  She chose to keep the baby.  There is still no answer as to why she did this.

Ben is on the border of creepy stalker.  The amount of photos and his obsession with Amy is psychotic.  And it’s not like “oh hey, he’s so in love with her it’s so cute,” it’s like: oh wow, kid needs some counseling.  He’s about to have a restraining order placed on his ass and a mugshot posted on the 11 o’clock news.

And, WHOA!, points to Ricky for saying that Ben is annoying and that he and Amy never had a shot because Ben swooped right in.  It’s about time somebody recognized that.  It seems these kids are growing up, perhaps it’s because half of them are teenage parents.

The other half remains completely immature.  one of my favorite quotes goes to Madison, regarding Jack and Grace: “Maybe if I sleep with him, he’ll feel closer to me than he does to her."

Ladies and Gentlemen, a sad statement made by dumb b*tches everyone.  She and Lauren are whining about their boyfriends being away for the summer.  If this show wants to be educational then it needs to educate girls about being more independent and having a life outside of getting attention from boys.

For instance, Grace who is normally annoying, is planning on going to med camp for the summer.  And while new beau Grant will be there also, Grace realizes that life is about balance.  Yes, she wants to be a teenager and stay up all night kissing and having fun, but she also has goals.

Ashley’s goal is to take the term “sullen teenager” to a new level.  She’s certainly on her way to completing that.  Is there anything she likes?  Then again, Ben’s party was pretty lame.  Don’t they know anyone else at their high school?  It can’t be that hard to hire extras to fill the spaces in the crowd.

Overall, a pretty good episode for Secret Life.  Next week’s previews look intriguing.  Perhaps this show can have a turnaround after all?


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I was never sure about Amy and Ricky being a couple until I saw them together. Now I can't wait until next weeks episode, and that's surprising, considering I never really care about the show, I just watch it because its on


wtf? i saw no kissing between amy and ricky...when did that happen?!


Finally an episode which can be watched, i've been waiting for Ricky and Amy to have a shot and finally they kissed!! Ben is being such a stalker which makes him more childish than he actually is!! Ashely really disappointed me with all this jealousy, she has to understand that she can't date her nephew's father.. And gosh i've never beared Grace, she never does her own business always thinking about everyone's she's so annoying to me,. and as for Adrien i have no words to say about her at least she's keeping her baby even it'also Ben's O.O


Ok i have missed like 3 or 4 episodes this season. but for the most part it was the same thing every episode Adrian and her baby. Ben being a creepy stalker idiot. Henry and Alice giving him practiacal advice and Ben ignoring it. Ashley seems to be acting like a jealous idiot. But now, finally, Amy and Ricky realizing that they never rally had a shot and that it's time that they tried for the sake of their son and mainly because deep down inside, they both love each other so much, they dont even know what to do. I am not so patiently waiting for the next episode and going crazy with anticipation!!!


Okay so usually im not so happy with secret lifes episodes but this one wasnt so bad probably because of Ricky and Amy I was so happy when he went to New York and they kissed it was meant to be for them to be together. And it will be better for john. I really wanna see them together in the future. They would make the cutest couple. I feel for Ashley because shes inlove with him but kissing him was so not called for. He got her sister pregnate thats not a good thing to kiss her. I hope the episodes get better.


In the promo didn't ricky take john with him??????


This was a good one. Amy and Ricky had a really adult conversation, which was really well done. Ben has always been a bit of a stalker, but he's gotten really annoying since the end of last season and I've been really disappointed in his character development. Adrian I'm sure kept the baby because there's no way the Disney-owned, 700 Club airing Family Chanel will ever actual play someone having an abortion. They've gone as close to the edge as they even will and I don't see them making the leap over to the other side. I'm totally over Ashley. She needs to win a scholarship to a private school someplace very far away so I never have to deal with her completely wooden "emotional" outbursts.


Loved Amy and Ricky. As for Ben, he is a lost cause. Creepy, pathetic stalker. And for that girl (Haley?) to want to be with him. Eww. hello, he is absolutly ugly!!


Finally Amy grew up and stopped whining all day got so old I cringed every time she came on screen. She has finally grown up. I agree about the chemistry, when they were about to kiss they had a moment, nothing like I've seen on the show so far. Very real


You're right. For the first time since the start of the new season...I have not hater this episode. I loved the whole Amy/ last something to look forward to :)

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Maybe if I sleep with him, he'll feel closer to me than he does to her.


I think we'll be different things to each other at different times.