The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 22

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HA! This week's winning Vampire Diaries Caption Contest entry legitimately cracked us up.

Kudos to reader "tvdhulahoop" for playing off the recent Old Spice commercials that feature an attractive man talking quickly and extolling the virtues of his product. In the caption posted below, Katherine is doing the same.

Thank you to everyone that participated and remember to play every week!

Katherine Caption Pic

Hello Gentlemen. How are you? Fantastic. Does your woman look like me? No. Can she smell like me? Yes. Should she use Fresh Blood body wash? I don't know. Do you like the smell of a great meal? Do you want a woman who repels vampire bites? Of course you don`t. Sink your teeth into the best bite of your life! So, gentlemen... Does your woman smell like a Fresh Blood woman? You tell me.

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nina thinking. "gosh first it was elena and stefan dressing alike. now its katherine and damon!"


Elena (on The Side):Thats a nice waxing of me.


Katherine: that Victoria Biers girl is not getting my KRMA jacket!


Katherine: "Hello Damon," *winks, "I missed you since last night... that was some kiss."


Katherine : Where is the third candle?... any ideas? (sorry ;o))) )


Katherine : Where is the third cabdle?... any ideas?


Katherine:Do these pants make me look fat?


katerine thinks: im soo beautiful nothing will stop me now!!
DAMN IT!! stepped in dog crap!!


Hello tree. No i didn't come back for stefan. I came back for you!


Katherine: OMG. Castiel looks fine in that trenchcoat

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