True Blood Poll: What Did You Think of "I Smell a Rat?"

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On this week's episode of True Blood, Sookie received a warning, Russell bid a bloody goodbye to Talbot, and we learned a lot more about Sam's past.

Jason also gave Tara another reason to cry.

It was yet another exhilarating of the most exciting show on TV and we can't wait to post a detailed review of "I Smell a Rat" first thing Monday morning.

Return to TV Fanatic then to express your views on it, and respond to the simple poll below in the meantime: What did you think of the episode?

Russell at Work

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This episode wasn't as intense as last week's episode- you can't exactly replicate Russell flipping out like that again - but the highlights for me were Crystal changing in front of Jason, Jason telling Tara the truth, and Sookie and Eric kissing, then Eric chaining her up lol


eric and really not sure whats is going in erics mind have you all seen the promo for next sunday he will almost kill and he use her too...but i still like him and think that he and sookie are good...i just hope that,that whta is doing is good for her but i doubt that ...let see what happens


i am soooo happy that jessica and hoyt finally seem to be getting it them as a couple!


I think that Eric truly loves Sookie deep down.


If Eric makes it look to anyone like he cares about Sookie, he knows that they will use her against him, so now is the time where he needs to treat her like crap to save her life since Russell is out for revenge on him. Eric understands that and Bill doesn't, THAT is why Bill sucks and Eric rules.


You have to remember, Eric is a viking, he's not going to comfort or be hesitant when he's protecting Sookie. People say he's an ass because he doesn't consider her feelings when he does all these things to protect her, but if it wasn't for Eric she'd be dead by now.

Matt richenthal

It is eerie how much the vampire theme resonates these days with Muslims and the Ground Zero mosque controversy, isn't it?

Aint born typical

I think last week's Russel's grand finale was this season's apogee. There was way too little Russel during this episode (though his short scenes were excellent), though it looks that next week will make up pleanty for it. Intesting development to compare vampires to terrorists after Russel's shocking act; clever analogy, I have to say. Liked the Eric Sookie kiss. Disliked what he has done in the end. I am wondering if it was ultimately to protect Sookie. After that speech that Pam gave Eric, I'd be scared that she would stop at nothing to save Eric. So I'm going to hope that what Eric has done in the end was to protect Sookie. I think one great thing this episode has done is to revive the interest in other characters' storylines. Good job overall. But again, this episode wasn't nearly as dramatic as last weeks thanks to our crazy dear Mr. Edgington.


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