Weeds Review: "A Yippity Sippity"

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You can take the Botwins out of Agrestic, Mexico, hey you can even take the Botwins out of Botwin - BUT you can never really change people (unless they want to change, of course).

"A Yippity Sippity" proved just that. As much as Nancy tried to fight it in the last couple of episodes, she really can't change her ways. On to making hash!

Mike and Randy Newman

Over the last couple seasons, I wondered whether Nancy would get back to her old selling ways - and I am extremely happy that she is!

I really enjoyed Linda Hamilton's character as her new drug dealer. She is a take no s**t from anyone lady - kind of the way Heylia was with Nancy in the beginning. It would be interesting to see these two women bond, but from the looks of it this will strictly be a business relationship.

Shane proved once again that in no way would he ever be "normal." After Silas asked Nancy whether life would've been different if she would have taken a drug-free job, Nancy plays through what would have been - and in the end Shane would have still killed someone. Shane nonchalantly agrees with his mother. Creepy McCreeperson.

Speaking of creepy, how disturbing was the scene where Silas got paid to read to the middle aged man in nothing but his tighty-whiteys?

This scene is just one of many on how their new clean "drug free is the way to be" lives just ain't cutting it for them. Not only is Silas doing semi-perverted things, but Nancy has to clean up the urine stains of a naked man that was locked to his bed. Gross!

I guess Andy has the best job of the night - as a dishwasher. The only real job he seems to be doing at the moment is annoying everyone in the kitchen. But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the series, we have come to learn that Andy really does have some skills in the kitchen (get you mind out of the gutter - not those skills). Hopefully, he will be able to prove his worth and not mess up the slightest chance he gets to excel.

Doug finally made a cameo last night. He returned to their beach house with a bucket of chicken to find Esteban's goons waiting for him. This can only mean one thing for our beloved Doug: trouble!

Overall, I love that the Newmans are really no different than the Botwins. I just can't wait to see what is in store for them and our poor Doug. What did you think of last night's episode? Leave us your thoughts and predictions below!

Until next week, here are a few Weeds quotes:

Silas: I thought the Newmans' are doing things differently.
Nancy: We are. We're making hash.
Silas: So much for normal.
Nancy: This is our normal. | permalink
Nancy: Boys are really violent - it's always kill kill....kill. | permalink
Silas: You missed a spot.
Andy: Back off Reading Rainbow. | permalink
Nancy: I have a history of killing anything that could conceivably work out. | permalink
Shane: Nice hat. We should practice. I say ding and you hop. Ding! | permalink
Silas: You really think it's a good idea leaving Pebbles with Bam-Bam.
Andy: No, but we can't afford child care, so we have to take this small leap of faith. I'm encouraged because so far the baby hasn't ever tried to get us all killed. | permalink
Silas: What if you would've gotten a real job after dad died and we could've skipped all this s**t.
Nancy: We would've had to sell the house. Move to a very different zip code. You and Shane would've had to go to even lousier public schools.
Silas: That doesn't sound so bad. | permalink


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wooow, I can't believe I havent commented on Weeds yet, I have watched it all along:P What I like the most about weeds right now? 01 attitude
02 Nancy's clothes are SOOOOOOO cooool
03 Andy is yummy and a man whore
04 Alanis Morissette is the coolest ginecologist
05 haha Shane is a psycho killer HAHA
06 Pilar is gooone, you go Shane's ...what is it again...kricket bat (?) What I dont like 01 Celia is gone, she was relly cool, well and a bitch
02 kinda wish Nancy's mexican husband turned out to be a good guy couse he's totally hot
03 Andy wears too much clothes:P