Will Cristina and Owen Get Married on Grey's Anatomy?

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We know from the Grey's Anatomy Season 7 spoilers we posted last week that there will be a marriage when the show returns. Not an engagement, we're talkin' full-on nuptials.

We also know, thanks to E! Online, that one of the following couples will be getting married on the season premiere of their respective shows ... and there's a Grey's contender:

  • Sarah and Chuck, Chuck
  • Holly and Michael, The Office
  • Cristina and Owen, Grey's Anatomy

Does that mean we can pencil Cristina and Owen in right now? Not necessarily. E! could mean one of those other shows, and Alex and Lexie or Callie and Arizona would both be intriguing choices misleadingly left off the website's list. But it makes you think.

Crowen For Owen

Will Owen and Cristina say 'I do'? [Photo: ABC]

Seeing as Owen and Cristina were together and seemed stronger than ever at the end of Grey's Anatomy's gripping season-ender in May, and with Teddy out of the picture and pursuing some new romance(s) this year, they seem to be the most logical choice.

As for any additional hints, all we have to go on are (mostly obvious) ones:

  • They are loved by most - but not all - fans of that show.
  • They are not currently engaged ... which we know.
  • There won't be a big lead-up to the engagement.

We leave it to you to weigh in. Will September 23 be the night Owenstina ties the knot? Or will another pair? Who do you think gets married on Grey's Anatomy?

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OMG it will be an honor watching christina and owen get married . i love them together


i will hope that crstina will get married


Would love for it to be Owen and Cristina!


I hope the wedding is Cristina/Owen! Love the idea of them together fighting life challenges & still be passionately in love!


Im sure it's crowen that will married and Calzona that will get engaged. Cos' same sex marriage isn't legal is Washington? But maybe thet take a trip to CA, and get married? Mabye that's why they wasn't on that picture? I hope it's them, marriage or Engagement, either one and I will be happy, cos' that means that there will be at least few Calzona scene in the premiere!


i hope it will be Arizona and Calliope there so cute together. i don't like Owen and Christina!


was for? okay. is for Cristina and Bailey* Aha
And Dana! I feel like my last comment was lashing out at you? I was just stressing MY OPINION on how the show is lately. I'm sorry you have such a love for her, but I can't just agree with anyone anymore when they say she's amazing.


@Dana- Obviously he wasn't going to die, but I was just saying if he had died. Shonda has gone from being great to just terrible. The show has gone downhill so bad. I didn't want DEREK to die! Where did I say I wanted him to die? All I said was it would be smart for Merder to have a REAL WEDDING, and it would be stupid for Owen and Christina to rush into Marriage. I know they're not real people. Obviously. Lmfao I never said I could do better myself. I'm not the only one who think's Shonda is running the show into the ground. Half the time I'm fast forwarding through half the show. The only reason I stick around was for Cristna and Bailey.


Oh and a REAl wedding for MerDer would be great too ofcourse!!!


@Dena completely agree with ur post! I bet it's Calzona that gets married. That would be nice!

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