Will Michael's Mother Get Kidnapped on Burn Notice?

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Before this season of Burn Notice is over, Jesse will try to kill Michael.

Emmy nominee Sharon Gless has already teased in this storyline. Now, in an interview with TV Guide, she shares even more about her character and the possible upcoming fate of Madeline Westen. Excerpts follow...

What might happen to Michael's mom? They haven't had me kidnapped...yet. They have been using me more and I'm enjoying it. It's realistic in its own fun way. He doesn't run home to mom all the time. Though, they use me in the capers now. They usually had Bruce Campbell babysitting Maddie. When they're short a hand, they approach Maddie. I like it because it's always with reluctance that she accepts. But when she gets into character, she starts to have fun with it.

Madeline Westen

On Michael and Fiona: They have a difficult romance going on. Michael has a hard time with his feelings because he was abused as a child. He grew up an angry kid. I think Maddie's hope is that someday they'll find each other. If you put people together, the story is over, like on Moonlighting. I hope we never see them go off into the sunset together.

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Agreed; to me, they already are together. Why mess with something that's already working? As a poster on a different site said, they don't exactly lead normal lives, so it's not likely they'd have a normal relationship either. And I don't need to see the typical drama that goes along with TV relationships to believe they are in one; it's kind of nice to have a show that goes the opposite way with one, and although it's an important theme of the show, it's not the primary one.


I know everyone is afraid the "Moonlighting" curse will tank this show if Michael and Fiona get together but that's just not so. (In fact, for me, just the opposite is true, but that's me.) First of all, they ARE together, they were together before the show began and have been most of the time since it started. They aren't traditional, that's true, but they do have a relationship that has been evolving over the 3 1/2 seasons. I thought the ending of "Where There's Smoke" pretty much said it all; I hope they aren't going to mess around with it. I don't think Jesse will survive Season 4. He might not get killed - I think I wouldn't want to see that unless he messes with Fi - but I think he gets his job back and Team Westen is back to where they began - with Maddie as the 4th partner, of course. At least from time to time. I'd like to see Season 5 inject a lot more humor; this season has been a little dark. I'm not complaining; I've enjoyed this season. But I'd like to see them change it up yet again so that each season is just a little bit different from the one before. Makes watching all the DVDs I'm collecting so much more fun!

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Fiona: Michael, you already destroyed CIA records; how far are you willing to go for this?
Michael: All the way.

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