90210 Round Table: "Senior Year, Baby"

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Naomi is a mess, Annie is a free woman and Adrianna might have a singing career ahead of her after all.

Indeed, the third season premiere of 90210 offered up many storylines for fans to chew on - and that's exactly what a TV Fanatic Round Table is for! Join us below as staff members analyze various aspects from "Senior Year, Baby" and don't forget to discuss it with fellow fans in our 90210 forum...

Can AnnaLynne McCord pull off Naomi's storyline?
M.L. House: No. I have a better chance of ending up with Kelly Taylor. McCord isn't terrible at delivering snarky lines and playing the snotty bitch. But she just doesn't have the gravitas needed for this layered, serious role. I find myself laughing every time she cries.

LJ Gibbs: The quick, easy answer is no. But I'm trying to look past McCord and focus on the plot itself. Kudos to the show for taking a risk and trying to deal with such a heavy issue. It has a chance to send an important message to victims of sexual abuse.

The Barnacle: Yes. Compared to Shenae Grimes, she's an Emmy Award winner.

90210 RT, Take 2

Who was Annie's lawyer?!?
M.L. House: Matlock? Perry Mason? Matthew McConaughey in A Time to Kill? Annie killed a man, lied it up, covered it up, finally admitted to the crime... and was punished with house arrest in her giant mansion and had her records sealed?!?!?!? Sign me up for that counsel.

LJ Gibbs: Sigh. Must we really discuss the hit-and-run storyline? The show clearly wishes it never existed, so I prefer if we could do the same. I really am in shock that we never even saw the consequences of Annie's actions.

The Barnacle: Forget her lawyer. I can only imagine that Steve Sanders came back to town and paid off the judge.

Is Oscar a welcome addition to the cast?
M.L. House: Not like this, no. I'm happy to see more of Ivy's family and learn more about her background. But in the course of one episode, we meet Oscar, we see her fantasize about him, we see him hit on Ivy and then sleep with her mom. Seems like another random, rushed 90210 development.

LJ Gibbs: Yes. You did see him with his shirt off and listen to his accent, right?!?

The Barnacle: No. It's way too early. Dixon and Ivy just got together - remember, on the season finale, he made out with Silver - and already the show is tossing out the L word between them and giving them a contrived obstacle. Can't we let them just date for awhile first?

Would you have swiped Javier's song book?
M.L. House: Probably. What would have been the alternative, let the songs go to waste?

LJ Gibbs: It's really not a question of whether or not I'd do it. I don't watch shows to wonder how I'd react in certain situations. I watch them to get to know the characters well and this fits into Adrianna's struggles in life.

The Barnacle: Absolutely! That guy is a total douchebag! The music industry is cutthroat. Get in there and get dirty, Adrianna!

Will Teddy ever play tennis again?
M.L. House: Nope, he's switching teams... if you know what I mean!

LJ Gibbs: I doubt it, but he'll still swing other guys' rackets... if you know what I mean!

The Barnacle: No, yet look for him to still get plenty of use out of balls... if you know what I mean!

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the only reason i see 90210 is Liam!!!!! and btw i really feel chemistry between him and annie! :D


okay so there was a lottt of holes in the storyline but i love love loved annalynne's acting. i really felt horrible for her and her situation. Annie's internship is something i really wanna know about!! Though there was a lot of things that somehow didnt fit this season seems like its gonna be crazy. i can't wait :D any ideas on the annie's internship storyline?


OMG i've just watched season 2 episode 1 'Senior year, baby'. It was fantastic!!! Poor Naomi, AnnaLynne McCord is AMAZING!! she's such a great actress, those scenes at the end of season 1 with Naomi and Mr. cannon were fantastic. Loved this episode, i was like 'NOOO' at Silver talking to Mr Cannon...urgh he's going to do the same thing he did to Naomi!! Can't wait until the next episode!


is 90210 the zip code to the bermuda triangle- wheres Ethan, Grandma Wilson,Brenda ,Donna,KELLY and son,Mr. Wilson,Tye,Gia,Navids rocker girlfriend,the real Wilson Step Brother,Jasper,THE PEACH PIT and Crew.etc.-the alien ship that abducted them all needs to return them and take this rebecca lady instead to study her brain thats all over the place except character development.


The hit and run was a mess, but I have seen less consquences for bigger crimes. (OJ simpson) But at least it is over! think shenae delivered her lines better than previous seasons and I do see chemistry between Liam and Annie. It was good that Navid actually got some screentime. Oscar coming between ivy and dixon this soon is insane but RRK loves her triangles.


The reviewers are so biased and unfair. I am wondering whether they have any secret motives. Why do they even bother watching the series if they hate it so much?




1. I think that AnnaLynne is a pretty raw and unique actress, so I am glad to see her handle a serious storyline. 2. I agree with LJ Gibbs. 3. Ow ow, but the whole Loral thing is nasty, but in a weird way I I want to see were the show goes with it. 4. I agree with Terri, she should have given it to someone like that. But then again, the only reason she took it was because Loral was about to let her go and if she told someone they would have just used the songs for someone else. But still it is weird that she's using it when he just died.... 5. Have a feeling he's hooking up with Oscar.


As usual, ML House and the rest of pack are showing their distaste, hatred, and negativity to 90210 because of what occured in Season 2. Epic fail guys. And shame on you for criticizing Shenae Grimes and Annalynne McCord. What did they ever do to you? Why don't you do an interview with them and tell them the bad things you're saying about them right in front of their faces!


I like Annie. i would also like to see what happen to Annie's piece of crap ex after he got the crap beat out of him by Liam.

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Remind me to tell you about my liaison with Rob Pattinson. He bites.


Deb: These are allergies.
Annie: And what are you allergic to, mom?
Deb: Senior year.

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