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U guys r takin this tooooo strict! Annie is fine. She is not ruined.Yes it was a let down but lets see... This is my 2nd best show so let it be like tht !!!


i think that you're too strict to 90210!! it's actually a really good series currently on TV! the only thing i didn't like about the show, is the handling of the hit and run storyline!!


1. I think Annalynne can pull it off. Atleast she isn't Shenae LOL!!!
2. Please hit and run story is just a joke. Annie's character is just so annoying IMO and the writers just keep giving me reasons to dislike her even more .
3.Oscar? As long as he's shirtless in every episode
4. Heck yes I just hope she doesn't grow a conscious. This is 90210 for crying out loud. I prefer Season 1 , bitchy Adriana. I hope we get her again.
5. Who cares!!! We all know where his SL is headed.


1. None of the 90210 actors are really good, so I doubt AnnaLynne can carry this part. But at least she's not as bad as Shenae...
2. Annie (unfortunately) is somehow a golden child. idk how she got away with that. I mean her family doesn't carry any weight at all now that her daddy's gone.
3. Oscar...he's kinda pointless. And for him to hookup w/Laurel?!?! They just needed to add another sleazebag to the cast.
4. I would have given the book to Laurel or a producer. They still would have let Ade use the songs. I mean, the boy just DIED. That's so effed up!
5. Who cares, I just want to know if he's gonna meet his new boytoy in physical therapy. (btw he adds nothing to the show and looks way to old to be attending HS)

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