Blake Lively Featured in Marie Claire UK

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Blake Lively of Gossip Girl is featured in the new, UK issue of Marie Claire. In an interview, she talks about her love of fashion and specifically her relationship with Vogue chief editor Anna Wintour (as well as a little bit about co-star and BF Penn Badgley).

Here are the beautiful shots from the Gossip Girl goddess' photo spread ...

Marie Claire UK Cover
Marie Claire UK Cover #2
GG Goddess
Blake the Beautiful
Blake with Penny
A Blake L. Image
The Lovely L.
Marie Clarie Cutie

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I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's imprsnesig me! :)


she looks like hilary duff in a couple of pics.

Charlotte waldorf

Always gorgeous and lovely. Penny just makes the whole thing even better.


@ bad romance I'm also a fan of blake and leighton. It's just that some people always downgrade blake so much


I think that Blake is one of the few actresses who photographs well whether inside or outside the studio. Of course, these and her Interview Magazine photos are some of the best that I've seen of her anywhere. On one of the extras in the Season 2 DVD, she said that she was very camera shy. I really don't see that in these pictures. I just see a stunning actress whose story line last season was awful and who probably wishes that the writers would write the role to suit her range.


Love her...she looks so pretty here!




I luv these new pics of Blake! She looks so elegant and classy! Like a true UESider! And as for ppl who do not like her - well, u can't make every1 happy....there will always b haters and fans. as pour moi, I love this photoshoot!


@Chair_4eva I want him to date Leighton. They are just so cute together! And yes you're right he deserves better right? What happened with the whole "Jessica cheated" scandal??

Love s

@ phoebe I hate all the Leighton vs Blake, both are beautiful in their own way but I think Blake has a better manager or idk. Anyway, I love Blake and she looks so gorgeous, this is one of my favorites photoshots of her.


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