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Boardwalk Empire Preview: "The Ivory Tower"

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Following a successful series premiere, Boardwalk Empire moves along with a new episode on Sunday night.

Titled "The Ivory Tower," the installment will feature:

  • Agent Nelson Van Alden suspecting Nucky of corruption.
  • Al Capone taking on a reporter.
  • Salesman George Baxter making a shocking discovery.

Watch the episode's official preview below and return to TV Fanatic Monday morning for a comprehensive review.

[video url="" title="The Ivory Tower Preview"][/video]

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Hoping for more action, started to doze off at the end of the pilot when I finished watching it.

Boardwalk Empire Quotes

All a dream to begin with. Ain't nobody ever been free.


Joe Harper: What's it like, when you see it?
Nucky: You tell yourself it's quick, but you don't know. You can't know until it's you and then you'll never tell anyone.

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