Covert Affairs Review: "Fool in the Rain"

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Covert Affairs delivered an intriguing revelation to viewers this week, but it took a sloppy, clumsy episode to get us there.

Am I intrigued by the fact that Jai seems to have played some role in Ben's disappearance and was even present in Sri Lanka years ago? Absolutely. But I wish "Fool in the Rain" had led us there in a less haphazard manner. It was probably my least favorite episode of what's been a great first season.

Note Burning

First, how stupid are they making Annie's sister out to be?!? It's frustrating enough to watch a great actress such as Anne Dudek wasted in such a thankless, pointless role. But couldn't the show at least make her the tiniest bit suspicious of Annie?

It takes very little for Danielle to buy her sibling's story about the Iranian and his supposed connection to the museum. I'm hoping someone realizes the asset this series has with Dudek and she gets clued in to Annie's occupation at some point. Let's see the two of them work together on a few cases, with Annie perhaps having to lie to the CIA about Danielle's occasional involvement.

My other episode complaint is based around the key flashback we saw of Annie with Ben in Sri Lanka.

We've been led to believe until now that his note/disappearance was an utter shock and mystery to Annie - but now we learn she actually witnessed him talking to some shady guy on the beach... in the pouring rain? And she never asked him about it, or wondered about this person's identity until now?

Again, I'm interested to see where this Jai-related development goes, but the way it was fleshed out this week seemed almost random, as if the show inserted this game-changer at the last second.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Auggie and his no-longer-rogue-operation with Liza, however. But I do have a question: her response that Auggie's information led to a dead end is meant to reveal that one of those 17 people Arthur mentioned is the leak, right?

Covert Affairs wraps up this season with a two-hour finale next week. Complaints here aside, I can't wait. How about you?


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There were a lot of plot holes in this one. Did anyone else
think it strange that Arthur had a photo of Auggie & Liza
taken in Auggie's apartment. No one else was there so do the
CIA have a hidden camera/bug in Aug's apartment? Very wierd.
And Annie's sister is fact I think Annie constantly lying to Danielle is going to get tedious real soon.


Yeah, I agree about the episode. I did enjoy her sister, and she obviously doesn't know about Annie's job to add more to the story. At one point, maybe next season, she'll probably find out. I assume it will be hilarious since her sister is hilarious. I enjoyed the Ben scenes. I always do! I also enjoyed the ending scene with Jai and the cap.


Yeah I agree and I also noticed Annie forgot to carry the chain used to save, whatever the man's name was, life. Fast and sloppy the way I like my fast food but not my shows!


I agree whole-heartily, this was my least favorite episode so far. No suspicion at the random Iranian dude in the car, and that half-@$$ed choeography in the fight scene...? Give me a break. Here is to hoping the finale picks the pace back up. ;)


Its the first season so of course their going to make mistake what I want to know is what happen to Annies parnet maybe we find out in season 2 also woulld't the iraq guys know what his wife look like so how can he not know it was a set up and also in a post 9/11 world how would they get guns in


Covert affairs is a smash hit series, but need could use a little more thought processing.
A stranger you just met from Iran can know you are CIA But your own sister, hosting and supporting you has to be kept in the dark? There is only one explanation, She must be AlQaida and Annie is undercover trying to find out whatever she's upto.

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