Dancing With the Stars Review: Fear the Palins!

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Thanks to Jennifer Grey and people named Palin, Dancing With the Stars' 11th season is off to a buzz-filled start. Yes, people named Palin, as in plural. Sarah was there last night.

Cheering on daughter Bristol the Pistol, who turned in a heck of a quickstep, it's worth noting, Sarah Palin probably drew more attention than anyone who took the stage Monday.

Not all of that attention was positive, either.

Rick and Cheryl
Likely Fan Favorites

Rick Fox with Cheryl Burke, left, and Derek Hough with Jennifer Grey.

Footage appeared to show that the audience booed Palin on Dancing With the Stars, although ABC says they were just booing Grey's low score. Which was the best all night, BTW.

Follow the above clip to watch Sarah's amazing appearance in all its glory, then follow the jump for last night's scores. We think we know who's going home on the results show ...

  1. Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough: 24
  2. Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani: 23
  3. Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas: 22
  4. Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer: 22
  5. Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 21
  6. Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya: 21
  7. Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke: 21
  8. Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas: 19
  9. Margaret Cho & Louis van Amstel: 18
  10. The Situation & Karina Smirnoff: 18
  11. Michael Bolton & Chelsie Hightower: 12

Michael Bolton's performance really was as bad as that 12 indicates. The doghouse bit was apt, it turned out, as well as a little disturbing because it's Michael Bolton. Poor guy.

At least he gave it his best, you gotta give him credit. Hey, maybe he'll garner a whole lot of Gosselin-esque sympathy votes too. If so, a trio of other celebs could be on the way out.

We doubt it. Margaret Cho was better than her score suggested, we thought, while The Situation has Guido Nation behind him. Bolton's gonna hit the bricks tonight. Bank on it.

Meanwhile, Audrina Patridge, Kyle Massey and Rick Fox established themselves as legit talents, as did Bristol. If last night's scores are any indication, this season could be tight.

What did you think of last night's dances? Who are you rooting for, and who do you think will be sent packing? Leave a comment below, we want to know what you think ...


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I'm really annoyed at the people who booed Sarah Palin. You can disagree with her politics and policies but how rude is it to boo a mother who is there to encourage and support her daughter. That's the trouble with politics today that people cannot just have disagreements and be civil about it. Her daughter is beautiful and shy and she is just trying and working so hard at something that is totally out of her comfort zone. It isn't Sarah Palin's fault that Tom came and talked to her and I've seen him talk to other families, i.e. Kelly Osbourne. You can agree or disagree with Sarah's politics, but let her support her daughter in whichever way she choses, not to mention that her little sister was there to cheer her on as well. What must she have thought about being booed. I guess she is use to it but what a sad commentary on our society of what is acceptable.


Nothing is wrong with a Mom wanting to support her kid, but when DWTS makes the family member a big part of the show, rather than just an audience observer, it comes off as very tacky. For a reference, Margaret Cho's mom was in the audience too, how many cuts to her did we see? How many times did Tom sit down with her to have a one-on-one? Any other family members of any DWTS cast get a special guest commentator spot? Nope. I don't want to say it shows favortism, but it just doesn't seem right. That's why the boos.


Ok, while I don't really care for Sarah Palin, was it really necessary to boo her? I mean, she's there to support her daughter. What's so wrong with a mom wanting to support her kid? Really people, really?

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