Desperate Housewives Review: "Remember Paul?"

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The season premiere of Desperate Housewives did not disappoint.

The drama is heating up for what is bound to be a great season full of lies, threats, and, of course, the usual scandalous romance.  But what was really exciting about this episode was the new cast of characters who will help aid in these affairs.

Vanessa Williams on DH
Bree and Brian Austin Green

Paul Young is back and, as always, does a tremendous job of playing the shady creepy neighbor who makes us cringe.

In addition, the newbie Renee Perry (played by Vanessa Williams), portrays a spoiled stuck up gold digger – and we must say, does a great job of it.  Her “friendly” banter with Lynette is quite convincing, and even has us wondering if she is kidding or not.  And the best of all is Brian Austin Greene, who plays Bre’s new handyman.  It won’t be long before this handyman is really coming in handy (and beddy!) for sad and alone Bre. 

It’s apparent that these two will be “painting” more than one room together.

Aside from the new kids on the Lane, the old timers are up to their same old tricks.  Susan is still desperate for money and is now taking on a job as a quasi porn star/maid in order to keep Mike from leaving to take a job on an oil rig in Alaska.  Where do they come up with this stuff? 

Just luck, I suppose, that the poor house Susan and Mike have moved their family into has a landlord who happens to have a G-rated porn site run out of the back room.  And as for Mike... an oil rig?  Really? Perhaps he should also consider a guest spot on the Deadliest Catch.  I mean, God forbid he just go get a night job in town to help support his family.  No, it makes much more sense to have Susan flaunt her assets to help get them some of their own.  T

his school teacher should have learned her lesson the first time around. We smell marital issues continuing for this duo once Mike finds out she is up to her same old routine.

The drama is unfolding... and we’re already sucked in to the child swap scandal of the season.   I’m guessing that Gaby will indeed find out that her daughter may not be her own, and Carlos will learn Gaby’s secret about who hit his mother.  But the question is, will they survive it together?  As Gaby alluded to in this episode, they are at the best place they’ve ever been.  Cue the pain and turmoil, because on this show, that just can’t last more than 1.5 episodes.

We’ll be watching to see who survives the truth and who survives the season.  We have our picks, but for now we’ll enjoy the captivating cast of characters as the drama heats up on the Lane.

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Penny's the same girl. I thought Carlos was new too! and I wish they'd say what Lynette's new baby is named.


What's shocked me about this episode was Carlos. I thought they switched actors but then I rememberd Antonios credit in the beginning...sooooo the new and improved and shaved Carlos looks like he's had a face lit. I want old Carlos back! But what they really did was they got a new girl for Penny. :/


I truly don't know if it's because the show is getting old or anything but I find it less and less interesting. Last evening episode was really not good (and not what Desperate housewives used to be), I hope it will improve for the next ones. I cannot really explain why but I find the character less and less touching and the plot lacks the spicy things that mad it wonderful in the first seasons.

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