Eureka Review: "I'll Be Seeing You"

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The first half of this season started with a time travel adventure, while this week’s episode wrapped up the summer with a similar episode, laid beautifully on top of the initial one.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I had several concerns about what this episode could mean for the season. I was incredibly happy that all of my concerns were groundless and the writers did not let the fans down. In fact, I was so impressed with tonight’s episode, that it received my first ever perfect score for a rating.

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I will admit that I had been a big fan of Tess and Carter together. But I came around after Tess was gone and Allison and Carter started spending some time together to agree that they should be together. However, given what happen at the end of season one, we all had good reason to be concerned that the show would backslide and have Carter and Allison back at “friends” if they sent Grant back to when he left.

Thankfully, Allison and Carter (at least for the moment) are happily still together. Thank you, writers, for being bold and exploring new ideas with them together.

The biggest surprise for this week was Zane figuring out why Jo had his grandmother’s ring. After all, he is supposed to be a genius - so it shouldn’t have been too hard for him to put it all together. I was again so happy when he and Jo kissed that I actually cheered out loud (I am sure my neighbors think I am nuts). Did anyone else catch how Jo just melted when he spun her around and kissed her? I really hope we get to see more of their relationship growing again when the show returns.

Do you think we have actually seen the last of Grant? Now that he is rich and leaving Eureka, I wonder if he will make cameo appearances on any of the shows. Heck, maybe he could get a job at Warehouse 13; I hear Helena Wells needs a partner. I will kind of miss Grant, I really did like that Carter and Grant had to work together to get back to 2010 and save Allison. It was good bit of writing, seeing it come full circle from fighting each other to depending on each other.

There were a couple of things I didn’t totally follow about Grant in this episode. First, Adam Barlow was supposed to go back to 1939 and stop the atom bomb from being created, yet the bridge device was not working at all at that point; that seemed out of place. Second, how did Grant get a baseball signed by Jackie Robinson if he disappeared right after the first game Robinson was in? Oh well, those are minor questions and I am sure someone will post a very reasonable explanation to them both along the way.  

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If you remember after grant went to the future, grant and carter that already came back from the future had to live out there lives in 1939, thats why they used that tape device to record what happens to let Carter in the present day know what to do and what is going on


Nah, Stark as a ghost was quite enough. We don't need him to come back and screw things up for Carter and Allison. There are plenty of people who can carry the sarcasm on Eureka. Zane, for example. The whole Beverly thing needs to be resolved once and for all -- she needs to get her just punishment for all the wrong she's done, and then get put away for decades so she can't spoil anything else. And Dr. Old Spice got the stock advice at the beginning of the episode from his female colleague, not Barlow, long before our guys from Eureka turned up. One of the best things about Eureka is its dry, wacky sense of humor -- but the second, equally important, is how close the storylines hew to real science (therefore science fiction) rather than the fantasy that is all too prevalent on SyFy (damn, how I hate that spelling!!!). Too much stupid fantasy and too many dweeby, nonsensical B movies spoil what could otherwise be a halfway decent network. There should be more genuine sci-fi on SyFy than fantasy. And the wrestling HAS TO GO!!!!! Farm it out to those idiots at Spike, for heaven's sake!!


I think grant told himself to get the baseball and store it. Same idea with the stocks.


In the beginning of the episode, Dr. Old Spice was saying how if their guy in Washington can delay Einstein then they can send Barlow back that night, but instead Grant goes with Carter and the gang to 2010. So they weren't able to send Barlow back in time b/c Grant wasn't there. However, when Carter and Grant go back again, it gives Grant the time to send Barlow back while the others go forward again before Jack gets his own message. Which opens the possibility that Barlow in the past could have passed on the info from the future such as Robinson's record and the info to buy into the stock.


i hated grant, but Allison and Carter are adorable together!! i just love those two!


In response to the first issue, "Adam Barlow was supposed to go back to 1939 and stop the atom bomb from being created, yet the bridge device was not working at all at that point; that seemed out of place." I think they didn't realize back then that they had to have the machine working in both times, which is probably why they could never get the device to work. I imagine that discovery is probably why they only tried to send Dr. Old Spice back to his own time in this latest ep, instead of following through on that original plan & trying to send him to 1939.


Ok, as a reply to the second question, how did Grant get the baseball?
I have two ideas on this one. First he was stationed with Second Lieutenant Jackie Robinson in 1945 who gave him one of his college balls (Pasadena Junior College). Second and much less cool Cpt Old spice got on e-bay in the present with his new found riches and bought that ball for Carter.


Pure Plain and simple, Syfy has a great great series in Eureka! However, they are going to F---K it up. They don't understand if something is working don't try to fix it. Like CBS with Star Trek, because the GP "General Public" couldn't grab the concept CBS was all to willing to pitch it to the angry villagers and walk away. That's what is going to happen here!


@bekki, Syfy is a big fan of running their shows when the other networks are not running theirs. They started using a "bookend method" where they start half the season so it will end just as new shows start up, and then run the second half when the shows go back into a lull. It worked very well for shows like BSG, SG:Universe, etc, so that you new a new 6-10 episode season twice a year and not nearly as long of wait between the two. I also agree that Beverly really needs to go. I miss Stark too, I didn't realize how much until he was back last week throwing zingers at Jack.


also...I think they should have had more with allisons, much larger reaction and stuff. that way we wouldn't have known that she'd survived...if it made more of an impact on jack (because at that point he didn't know he was going to be able to save her) like...I don't know...he did the whole "I love you" etc stuff to her. or just saying that when he held her would've made it better, but I still think it was good :)

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