EXCLUSIVE: Candice Accola Dishes on Life as a Vampire

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Candice Accola has always been a key member of The Vampire Diaries cast.

But the actress has essentially received a promotion this season, bumped up to the role of full-fledged blood sucker. Below, she speaks exclusively to TV Fanatic about the character of Caroline and what lies ahead ...

Caroline is one bad-ass vamp! Pretty sure everyone fell in love with vampire Caroline from the “you suck” line.
Yes she is! Julie Plec actually told me about that line before we got that script. She was talking about it since they had already plotted out that episode. I anticipated that line for a while, so I was very excited to shoot it.

What can we look for in season two?
Action, action, action. This season is very fast-paced. The first season told the story, and second season... just hold on for the ride.

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Do you think Caroline took it easy on Damon, considering everything he put her through?
Definitely. At the same time, Caroline is very new to this whole world of being a vampire and what she’s capable of and what she’s not capable of. In order to become a vampire, part of you dies. It’s a very, traumatizing thing. That fact that Damon has already tried to kill her again... she doesn’t know how powerful he is. In her mind, what if he’s as powerful as Katherine? I think there’s only so much playing with fire you want to do when you’re already half dead. It’d be a little scary to push his buttons too much until she knows what she’s capable of, and more importantly what he is capable of.

We ended of last week's episode with Katherine and Caroline. Anything you can spoil about that?
I can’t tell too much since the writers did such a good job. I can say that Katherine is very used to getting what she wants and she’s not going anywhere. She’ll be playing in Mystic Falls for a while. Katherine and Caroline's paths will continue to cross. The viewers will just have to wait.

Explain Caroline's decision to force Matt to dump her.
I think something that’s very human in becoming a vampire for Caroline is that she gains perspective. She recognized an unhealthy relationship, essentially. Part of growing up is looking at the bigger picture of not only what’s best for you but whats best for someone you love, whether that’s a lover or a family member or a friend and I think that she’s starting to do that. The Caroline in first season, if she was going through something traumatic, she would be like... "but I love you and I want to tear you down with me. If I’m going down you’re going with me because I need someone with me to figure this out with."

She’s starting to find a little more security in herself, where she’s recognizing someone else being happy is more important than her always feeling loved by them.

Is it completely over for them?
Honestly, I really don’t know. It’s the second season, and just like with any relationship you realize, how do you know when it’s ever over? Obviously there are certain points where, goodness, you hope so and should be. But you never know. They’re still going to be in the same town and in the same group and their paths will cross, so stay tuned!

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Are you on Team Delena or Stelena?
I don’t know, the billboards where all three of them are together is pretty sexy [laughs]. Everyone’s on team Delena right now, but I think it’s just going to keep going back and forth. Neither one if a perfect relationship. I’m going to go with team Delena. You always want what you can’t have and that one’s definitely complicated. Makes for a good watch.

Will we be seeing more of Stefan helping Caroline through her journey?
She needs someone like him to help her. She can’t talk about it with her mom, obviously. She’s on the outs with Bonnie right now and Elena can only relate so much and she doesn’t trust Damon. She can’t talk to Matt. Stefan is the only one in her life that’s saying “you can talk to me, you can trust me, and I’m going to protect you the best I can." It’s opened up an opportunity for a beautiful relationship, and a vampire guru of sorts for Caroline.

In episode two, a lot of viewers translated Elena’s “this isn’t us” quote to Bonnie as a way of holding on to someone who is still human. Would you consider Bonnie part of “us” or part of the supernatural?
My interpretation is that “us” meant that there is good and there is evil. There’s people who have morals and there are people that don’t. In Mystic Falls, whether you are supernatural or human, there are those with morals and those without. By "us," she meant we don’t just kill because we want someone to be killed. We have justice, we have morals, we have perspective.

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Caroline and Stefan!!!! : )))


Maybe Damon and Elena have something going between then, but I love the way things are now. Stefan and Elena maybe boring, but at least it's stable, although it is a struggle sometimes. Damon has an impulsive side to him, and if Elena dates him, she may have much more to deal with than she already has. As it is, she loves him at times, and hates him at other times. That won't change, because being impulsive is just what he has been for so long...so he'll just continue to screw up at some point or the other. Stefan comforts her, makes her feel happy, loved and secure...she can count on him because he's so reliable...so Team Stelena ALL the way(me too)!!


Caroline and Stefan could be friends but that's it. Stefan is in love with Elena, and that's who he should be with. Damon should be with Bonnie, or aunt Jenna. I actually like the wolves, maybe Mason will win over one of the ladies.


I thought some of the sweetest scenes last week were with Stefan and Caroline. It brought out an interesting relationship that honestly I hadn't really considered before. Whether they become involved romantically or just platonic I think it has the potential to be a very tender relationship between them. Like Caroline doesn't have many people who can relate, neither does Stefan. He doesn't exactly understand Damon and his anger and his morals are vastly different. I think Caroline is someone for him as well who can relate to his way of handling things. As for Delena. I am a big fan of their relationship. They have fire. A lot of people have said Elena is boring, but she isn't when she and Damon are together. He brings out the fun, lighthearted side in her and she brings out Damon's humanity. Ultimately I love Damon, and if he wants Elena or Katherine or whoever, I want that for him haha


Ahhh, Stefan/Caroline FTW ;D


i NEED stefan/caroline to happend


In the books Caroline hated Elena cuz she wanted Stefan, so maybe we'll see that develop this season?


Hop[ing for more stuff with Stefan/Caroline too.


the billboards with stefan, elena, and damon are realy sexy lol but team STELENA all the way!!!!

Anna maria

hmm i want to see the beautiful relationship between stefan and caroline develop into more than mentoring..

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