Glee First Look: Charice as Sunshine Corazon

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It won't take long for Glee viewers to meet Charice.

The Filipino pop star will debut on the September 21 season premiere, playing a foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon. Get your first look at the character below:

Sunshine Corazon Picture

Sunshine will clash with Lea Michele's Rachel, as the new student's vocal ability will intimidate and frighten the New Directions lead singer.

Get a quick look at these two having a sing-off in the girls' bathroom via this Glee promo.

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Haven't you heard that she had sold-out concerts in Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore? She's part of David Foster and Friends' Asian Tour. The girl's really busy that's the reason why was conspicuously absent since episode 2... Haven't you realized that having Foster for a manager definitely makes one really busy.


To think she is not good enough because she appears in only a few episodes of glee is stupid. She has other commitments. And she is a guest. a Guest! That means producers will make sure she doesn't wear out her welcome and keep her fresh for more kick-ass shows.


charice being on a couple of episodes only explains that she's not good enough. sad because im a fan. =P


I wasnt a fan of charice before but now OMG! I love her! I can't believe im watching glee. ;) Im watching the show because of her! LOVVVEE HER. Rachel was a meanieee :|


Charice clearly has a wonderful singing voice. She displayed that much. Unfortunately, both her acting and her lip-synching leave a LOT to be desired. A performer needs more than a great voice to be really good on this show. Unfortunately, she did not seem to have the whole package in the first episode. Maybe she'll prove me wrong in later episodes, but right now I'm not looking forward to any return by Sunshine.


talk about this show with Charice is undeniably a success


tatiana, you're an example of what we complain about some (not all obviously) Charice's fans: so extreme that you've lost the ability of accepting that others may think differently. For you, Charice is the best, for other Lea Michele is, that's subjective, just accept it


Gurlies, I was in d martin luther king celebration last year and till now I have goosebumps for this sweet gurl, charice... She sang the god bless america & i heard a lot of artist & singers sung it & i never feel the way charice sings that song, i was stunned. So, whoeva will say that charice is in the same league of those kiddos in GLEE, are stupid & crazy ( shes in the league of the great singers )im sorry for mha words, but truth hurts. I never ever feel a singer like charice did to me, so shes the best singer for me ( live or record ) So, stop those lame excuses & just accept the fact that this gurl has 10 octave voice with angels touching you everytime she sings... God bless you all...


Charice just performed at Dr. Phil. He posted the video of Charice himself and promoted her album too. How sweet.


I don´t know but honestly i´m not excited at all,i just hope it´ll be a good episode

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