Glee Season Premiere to Introduce Sunshine and Sam; More Spoilers

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We already know that Charice and Chord Overstreet will both play key roles on season two of Glee.

But at the premiere party this week, cast and crew members revealed multiple second season tidbits, including just how and when Charice's Sunshine Corazon and Overstreet's Sam will be introduced. Read on for a few significant spoilers...

  • Charice's Sunshine will waste little time squaring off against Rachel. She'll sing "Listen" from Dreamgirls on the September 21 premiere.
  • Overstreet's Sam, meanwhile, will join the boys of New Directions on Travie McCoy's "Billionaire."
  • A Cheerio gets a boob job.
  • No Terri or Emma in the first episode back, but Jessalyn Gilsig teases: "I'm going to start a relationship with somebody, and it's going to, by its nature, put me around Will."
  • The third episode of the season will focus on religion, with Finn singing the R.E.M. classic "Losing My Religion."

Get a look at all the songs that will be covered on the season premiere and get psyched, fans. Less than two weeks to go!

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@Taxify, if you actually read what I said I was insulting the name the writers gave her and saying the info we'd heard about her CHARACTER so far made her sound a bit annoying.
If you think by saying that it makes me "hate" the actress/singer you're mistaken (I don't know enough about the girl to form an informed 'dislike' of her, let alone "hate her").
We in the UK don't have much of an idea who Charice is but I clearly stated that I don't know her and have nothing against her (I actually think she has a good voice, she's no Lea Michele but she has a lot of power in her voice nonetheless), her CHARACTER (not the singer/actress, there's a BIG difference) sounds annoying (she might not be annoying when the show actually airs, it's merely an opinion based on the info we've been given).
I've heard that Charice fans are going a bit bonkers at people who prefer Rachel's character and are taking it all as a major insult to their idol.
Personally I think that's a bit sad, we're all entitled to an opinion.
The show is clearly pitting them (the CHARACTERS, not the actresses) against each other so they intend for us to take sides, which was all I was doing. Calm down and don't take it so personally, so one person (probably on the other side of the planet) doesn't like the sound of a character played by someone you like...big deal, it's not the end of the world.


Worldwide is excited to see Charice on Glee Season 2 1st episode. It will be the best show ever. Rating will be historical.


@SEZ i dont have any idea where planet did u came from, Charice was just portraying a role and the scriptwriter does all their lines and the producer for the approval, if u hate charice its ok cuz majority of the people loves her like i stop whining u cannot do anything shes on her way UP whether u like it or not :P


Terri is soooo gonna hook up with the glee club's piano player...she has to would be EPIC!!!


i already hate this Sam guy and he hasn't even been introduced, new quarterback, singing in the shower, for goodness sake he might as well be called "Finn 2" , i love Finn but i can't stand Finn 2!


Sam[Kurt's bf] becomes the new quarterback so Finn gets all sad and goes to try out for Cheerios :D


just coz finn sings it...doesnt mean its gonna be as good as REM...i love that song...sing carefully finn...


Charice's character (her character NOT the REAL her as I know nothing of her other than she has a good voice and gets botox even though she's in her teens) is already annoying to me. How dare she try to take on Rachel, but then on top of that she's called 'Sunshine'?! Ugh, much like 'Phoebe' in 'Friends' when she met her husband's ex 'Precious' and couldn't call her that instead calling her 'Suzie', I will have to refer to 'Sunshine' as such.


Omg idk. Something about scholarships I think. O: But I'm not too sure D: Omg watch out for Mike [Harry Shum Jr]'s abs, they're super awesome. OMG. AWESOME.


does anyone know why Finn tries out for the cheerios?

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Glee Quotes

[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.