Gossip Girl Caption Contest 122

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Welcome to the 122nd Gossip Girl Caption Contest, Upper East Siders!

This week's Caption Contest winner is tammyxcore. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go to AL (Awesome Legend), Yazou, M.Plz and HannahWxoxo. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

Ow, My Head

Replacing my gel with super glue? Real mature Blair.

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Chuck : 78,79,50,51,57...Wait,this is not right!What step was it?Uhhhhhh,now i have to go back and start all over again!That bourbon is not out of my sistem yet....


Oh man! I seem to have misplaced my top hat and monocle.


While all the teenagers could blame their hormons - Chuck Bass could only blame himself


And that's when Chuck realized he could change his clothes, get a cane and move on from Blair, but he will always be a git.


I know Blair wanted revenge, but superglue on my hand? Only my boyfriend is allowed to touch my hair--I mean...uh...


Ugh. Poor Chuck, rich chuck, old chuck, bad chuck, good chuck, new chuck....how am I going to keep this stuff straight when my new muse is a -scream-?!


Chuck M.D


All I need is some vicodin and a medical degree and I can finally comission my own show.


"Too... much... hair-gel! Hand... stuck."


Gossip Girl: Aching bones, head cracking with pain... Poor Chuck. Looks like our man addicted to the beautiful life isn't able to survive for long without another shot. So what it's going to be, Bass: euphoria with Bassets and Blair or withdrawal pains with a simple girl and a simple life?

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