Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Did You Like Tonight's Episode?

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The third episode of the fourth Gossip Girl season, "The Undergraduates," just aired on the CW, with new challenges thrown in the paths of Chuck, Dan, Blair and Serena.

TVF's complete review of all the episode's events will be posted early Tuesday, but for now, we want to hear from you. What did you think of Monday night's Gossip Girl?

Did you like it? Why or why not? What were your favorite and least favorite parts? Are you happy with the season so far overall? Vote in our survey and comment away!

Serena and Blair in New York

What did you think of "The Undergraduates"?

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I have not been able to read through all the posts, but I hope i'm not the only that thinks it is SO FREAKING WEIRD that Dan, Nate and Chuck seemed like they moved on from Serena and Blair so fast. Just an episode ago, Dan and Nate were semi-battling it out for Serena and all the sudden, they are over her and hooked to another girl. Chuck is supposed to be in love with Blair but totally blew her off when he saw her. At least with Chuck, he has been dating Eva all summer. But Nate has been sleeping around to ease his pain from the breakup and now all the sudden he has moved on? Same with Dan, he just decided to get back with Vanessa? I mean it just didn't flow well in this episode. From the promo, it seems that Serena at least hangs out with Dan next episode, but the 3 guys being suddenly fine and with new women just seemed WEIRD.


Eva is annoying. Get a fucking job, like seriously I get that Chuck is rich but still...arn't you planning on supporting yourself at all?! Also Chuck better just be fooling himself, because if he was ready to ask Blair to marry him and almost die to protect the ring he wanted for her...and now suddenly 3 months later he's completely in love with some ugly french chick...give me a break. also Nate is really lame for going with Juliet. /rant


still not missing jenny, vanessa is dying of storylines,and dan and the baby...the perfect match ever,even they scape from the gg curse,.


i loved it all,i think i was a great job ,writers can do a great job when they want to.
serena's dress ...would die for it. wich makes me hate spoilers, dont do justice to what is really prepare.. this time eva did look like the outsider she is,in the store buying dresses and blair made the perfect contrast to it.


Chuck looked amazingly HOT in this episode! Jenny returns next episode, IIRC, something to do with FNO or FW--nothing to do with Chuck, unless he's the one that arranges for her to work the show, just to piss Blair off. Loved most of the clothes and jewelry in this episode (Vanessa and Georgina are the exceptions--WTF??)Really really liked Serena's gown and, contrary to what another poster said, that gown would NOT have worked on Blair. It required cleavage! (no point in wearing a low-cut gown if you ain't got something to tease with LOL) Rufus is becoming a non-entity in the family. Time for Lily to move on, I think. I don't think the Dan/baby storyline is over, just yet. And..the guy in jail--look for him to be related to someone that Nate's father screwed over.


Chuck is in deny. He's just TRYING to forget Blair. It won't last so we just have to endure this (not so long I hope). Besides writers are not stupid (I think) they know the Blair/Chuck dynamic is the best part of the show.


well that was just...unexpectedly amazing.
except how STUPID nate is. because of him not rejecting Juliet, she's gonna stay and cause more trouble. i HATE Juliet's face, she is NOT pretty.
and man...seeing Chuck with that Eva was painful.
Eva is quite nice, very un-GG like, it would be nice to see her more but NOT with Chuck. it also wont be nice to see her change and become a bitch.


I agree with most of you here...it sucks Chuck ignored Blair like that and chose Eva, seriously that bitch needs to go ASAP (thankfully it will be next week) and all through the episode, I'm forced to watch in every scene of Chuck and Eva they always kiss!!! Even Nate and Juliet dont always do that!
I think we will get more Chair scenes once Eva is gone, and I hope Chuck will be working hard to get Blair back...


For some reason new Chuck is so annoying. I could barely stand the scenes with him present.


@candb I absolutely agree with you
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